December 24, 2010

Friday - Cold and windy, warming up later on.

I had a quiet day today and didn't even leave the house again!

Everyone got up fairly late-ish. I showered this morning and then went up and had breakfast. I finished my crochet project too. I had finished the crocheting bit last night, but today I darned in the ends.

I helped Van a little with her clean up. She's a bit paranoid that people will think she's a bad housekeeper. She's not, she just has three mess-makers, and she worries too much.

Anyway, Joe's brother came over for a while today. He brought presents for the kids and Van and Joe. I haven't seen him in a long time. I disappeared a bit in the afternoon to get away from everyone, but it was okay.

In the evening Van made a sort of finger food dinner, and we ate in front of the TV. It was basic family stuff, but really nice. The sort of thing that I don't get in Japan.

We watched The Polar Express and then the kids went to sleep. We adults are still up so we can help Santa when he comes. Hopefully he'll remember this house! Zach went out a few hours ago and put out some reindeer food, and there are already cookies and milk for Santa on the coffee table. The kids are so excited. (Me too!)

Anyway, I should run. I'm not sure what tomorrow's plans will be after we open presents. I'll post tomorrow night if I feel the urge, otherwise, I hope all my readers have a Merry Christmas (or have had one, in the case of readers from Japan!) Night!


jy said...

Ha ha! Moi? Should I be so vain??? Merry Christmas. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Helen said...

Well, you amongst others! You're more vocal than some of them at the moment!

Thanks for all your comments. I really do appreciate them :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, thought I would de-lurk to say that I hope you are having a Happy Christmas day with your family in Canada. Enjoy the rest of your visit as well. Mimi

Helen said...

Thanks Mimi! Glad to hear from you.