December 25, 2010

Saturday - ? Didn't go out again.

Do not feel well. Darn. I have almost no voice at the moment. I did have a good night and a good day today, just lost my voice somewhere along the way.

I got up a little before 7 this morning and went upstairs after I got dressed. We gathered around the tree and spent the next while opening presents. It was a kind of Star Wars Christmas, as the kids got a lot of Star Wars related gifts. My handmade gifts seemed to go over well and so did the hat that I bought in Tsuruoka for Kate. She wore it most of the day.

Joe cooked our lovely Christmas dinner. He made turkey with stuffing, yams and potatoes. It was really delicious and something I haven't eaten in ages.

We had a quiet afternoon. The kids played with their games and we all got in on the act. It was fun.

In the evening we had leftovers and then watched a movie. It was The Sorcerer's Apprentice and was quite a bit of fun.

I decided to make an early night of it tonight, so I came downstairs at 10 and have been having quiet time ever since. Tomorrow I hope to get out and get some more medicine as I have used up a bunch of Van's.

That's it for me. It was a great Christmas. Night!


jy said...

get well soon so you can fully enjoy the rest of your visit!

Helen said...

Thank you! I will try. I hate being sick in other people's homes.

Thanks for commenting!