December 26, 2010

Sunday - Cold but clear, snowy at night.

A bit better day. I went to bed at midnight last night and basically slept until 9 am this morning. Joe cooked us all breakfast which was nice.

He took me to the drugstore and I got some medicine and a magazine. Yay for cheapo magazines again. I took a long nap this afternoon, even though the medicine was supposed to be non-drowsy. I think it helped me because I felt a lot better when I got up.

In the evening, we had a light supper and then watched a couple of movies. We watched Eclipse, which was just as bad as the book was, and then Despicable Me which was a lot of fun. A lot! At the end, there's some dancing from some of the characters so Zach got up and went prancing around the living room. It was so funny.

And that's about it. It was a quiet day, but good. I'll likely take more medicine soon and then go to bed. My sister gets a bit annoyed with me for staying up as late as I do, although I try to tell her this is nothing compared to me in Japan!



jy said...

I think so! Especially when I see the time of your posts! hee hee hee...

Helen said...

I know, I'm such a night owl. I guess jetlag has benefits though!