December 30, 2010

Thursday - Cold and sunny. Cold!

A good day.

I slept really well last night. I didn't wake up at all until after 8 am this morning. That's quite unusual. Lately I've been waking up a couple of times, but not last night.

I had a long relaxing morning watching the Food Channel and then spent some time watching a cartoon with Zach.

After lunch we went to Edmonton. Van was looking for place mats and I was along for the ride and to help keep an eye on Zach. They finally left me at Southgate and I did a bit of window shopping before zooming off to Whyte Ave.

Today I took the LRT from Southgate up to the University. It was the first time I have ridden the new and extended LRT. I caught a bus from the University and got off on Whyte Ave.

I went to the bank that I used to work at, left a note for my one remaining co-worker, and then wandered along the street. So much has changed since I lived there. There had even been changes since last year when I went there. I spent a little bit of time in the bookstore before going back to the restaurant to meet my friend Massie.

We had a yummy meal at Continental Treat. We started with Dill Pickle Soup which was amazing. I'd been dreaming about it since last year when I first tried it. I had chicken stroganoff and Massie had wiener Schnitzel. They were both really good. We didn't have any room for dessert, we both just drank lots of coffee instead.

We walked back to the (new) Shoppers on the corner and I got some more medicine and called Joe to come and get me. He nicely said he would even though it was more difficult than he thought. We had a bit of fun meeting up as there isn't really any parking and the roads aren't supposed to be stopped on.

I came back to Beaumont, spent a few minutes on the computer and then spent a bit of time with Joe watching the news before I came downstairs to go to bed. It's really cold down here.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off shopping with my friend and then in the evening I may go to a party. I'm not sure how late I'll be so I might not update tomorrow night. However, I've said that before, so you just never know!


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jy said...

Sounds like a nice day. G'nite to you as well..and "maybe" see ya tomorrow!