December 6, 2010

Monday - Sunny and warmish.

An okay day today. I got up before my alarm and came through to the living room. I watched the news and then decided to go back to bed for an hour. I overslept of course and it was a bit late when I got up. I blamed it on the cold pill I took the night before!

I had a quiet day around the apartment. I watched the TV I’d taped over the weekend, well most of it anyway. I enjoyed most of it although I have to say I am getting a bit tired of CSI: Miami. Annoying show.

In the later part of the afternoon, I decided to go out. I wanted to test my camera, so I put my camera in my old carry case and took it out for a spin. It was getting dark so some of the pictures didn’t work that well, but it gave me a bit of a feel for it. I think I’ll have to read the instructions again!

I came home and watched some TV. I re-watched Mamma Mia on WOWOW for the umpteenth time. I love that movie!

F came home and we got dinner underway. I set the table and made coffee, he cooked the gyoza that he’d bought last week and frozen. They were okay, not great. We had some bought roasted chicken and salad too. Dinner was good. F was nice enough to do the dishes and then we relaxed for a bit.

I had noticed that Rear Window was on the TV, so I watched that. F went to bed for part of it, then watched the ending after his bath. It was good, really good. I had seen it before of course.

We watched Hell’s Kitchen at 11. It was the first episode of season 2 and it wasn’t nice. I’m not sure I really approve of the way that Gordon Ramsey yells at people. It might work for him, but it doesn’t help too many people. I rounded out the evening with That 70’s Show and then a couple of episodes of The Actors Studio with Anthony Hopkins and John Cusack.

That’s me! I’m done. Tomorrow I have an early class so I should get meself off to bed and catch some zzzzs. Night!


jy said...

Sounds like a nice day. Agreed with CSI Miami... I love the locale though. My niece was in Miami for 3 years (in the Coast Guard) and I would have loved to have gone while she was there. Haven't seen Hell's Kitchen, will have to have a look-see on the net TV one of these days.

Helen said...

If you have a digital TV it's on Fox 211 (a free channel) at 11:00pm on Mondays. That's the channel we watch American Idol on too.

I don't think it's Miami that I have a problem with! I watch Burn Notice and like it, loved Moon over Miami when it was on, but just don't like CSI:Miami. Something about the way the people talk or act on the show.

Thanks for visiting. :-)