December 7, 2010

Tuesday - Rainy then clearing. Cold.

A good day. I woke up with F saying he was late. It was almost 8 and he was still in bed. Oops. Still, he made it to work on time. I got up a little after he left and watched TV for a minute, then went back to bed.

I got up when my alarms went off, then watched the news. I showered fairly early and then spent some time on my computer. I stopped what I was doing around 12:30 and took a short nap on the couch. I felt so much better afterwards.

Around 1 I made my lunch and then headed off to work just after 2. I was a bit nervous as we’d had horrid rain all morning, but for once the Gods of Rain decided to give me a break and I made it to work without getting wet. Yay. I did see a Yamabushi on the way to work. That was rather cool. I think he was collecting from people.

My first class was fine. I was seeing a student who hadn’t been around for a while. She did well, but we never did get into the text.

I had a couple of hours to myself, so I checked that it wasn’t raining and biked off to the drugstore for a few necessary items, then came back and started reading papers.

At 6, I was ready for my student but she didn’t come. I have a 10 minute policy…after 10 minutes I phone them to see what’s happening…Her class had slipped her mind. She was busy. Oh dear.

At 7 my student did come and we had a good class. We started the listening for the unit. Hurray.

After class I finished up, prepped some homework for one of my students and then called F to come and get me.
We had a nice dinner in New York, New York and then came home via the grocery store. I’m going to do a stirfry tomorrow, except F wants spinach in it. Urgh. Not sure about that, but at least he had an opinion for a change.

We watched So You Think You Can Dance and I finished one of my Christmas Presents…the hat I’ve been working on. I need to wash it as it’s a light colour and has gotten a touch grubby. Sigh. Still…it’s done. Does anyone know a cute crochet hat pattern for a 6 year old?

I watched a couple of Actor Studios tonight and then did this in a hurry as it is so very late! Too late to be blogging really. That’s it for me. Got to go. Night!


jy said...

I like watching Actor Studios...depending on who's on it of course!

Helen said...

Last night it was Halle Berry and then Brooke Shields. They are both really interesting, although I'm not sure that Brooke really belongs on the Actors Studio.