December 9, 2010

Thursday - Cold and rainy.

An okay day today. I slept really well last night and when my alarm went off hit the snooze button a few too many times. Still, I did get up, watched news and then I took my shower.

In the afternoon I wrote a few of my nengajo and also looked for hat patterns for my nephew. I think I found a cute one. The best thing is that it looks similar to the other ones I’ve made lately, so it won’t look too different.

I planned to leave for work a half hour early so that I could stop at the craft store, but when I got outside it was really raining and I decided to forgo that pleasure today. It wasn’t nice and the idea of going into the craft shop with my rain cape dripping all over the floor didn’t appeal to me.

I got the school heated up and checked the lesson I was teaching today. I had extra time so I was able to do quite a lot of reading of newspapers. Yay.

When my student came today we had a good class. He asked about the target of the lesson before we got to it, which was great! It meant that he was trying to figure out the English before it was taught. I left him at the end with a lot of homework, but I won’t see him for slightly more than a month, so he’ll need it.

I had quite a bit of free time then, so I finished the papers, prepped homework for Saturday’s students and read some of my Journal and a magazine I’m reading.

After 8 I called F and he came to get me and my bike. Unfortunately, he’d forgotten to bring his wallet, so we went home to get it. We dropped off my bike and went for dinner to Grado. It was an interesting combo, Chicken pot-au-feu and pork saute.

We got groceries afterwards. We decided to make a nabe tomorrow night using our curry cheese base we bought somewhere. It should be nice and easy really since most of the stuff is already prepped.

We came home and watched ER. It was a good one tonight in that Jerry came back! I don’t know if he’s back for the rest of the season or just a one shot, but it was nice to see him. Angela Bassett is fitting into the cast quite nicely, I really like her and have ever since she did Tina Turner.

After midnight I remembered that Daniel Radcliffe was on the Actors Studio so watched it. F watched most of it too, although he should have been in bed. Morgan Freeman was on after and I watched most of it before turning off the TV.

Tomorrow, I have to do some laundry and hopefully get to the craft store and the bank. I want to get as many things done before I go as I can. I also have to have a look at my suitcases. Sigh. So much to do!

Got to go. Night!


jy said...

I hate all that pre-trip planning. It's almost better when it's unexpected and you just "go"... Hubs always says, "why can't your hometown be closer, like Hokkaido or Okinawa or something?" LOL...
I like Angela Bassett too, the Tina Turner movie and I forget, but a few others she's been in.

Helen said...

This pre-trip planning is driving me crazy. Because it's Christmas it seems to be worse as I have to get all of my nengajo/Christmas cards out before I go.

One of Angela Bassett's films that I love is Strange Days. Not many people like it, but I do. It's NOT a family movie at all, but Angela is great in it. She kicks serious butt in it!

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