November 30, 2010

Tuesday - Sunny and warmish, then rain at night.

A good day. I got up, checked email and watched the news. I also watched the second part of a documentary series on Africa. Yay NHK!

I had a quiet morning and afternoon really. I did get a book mooch ready to go out tomorrow and wrote up a couple of cards to send. I have a couple more cards that I should try to get ready tomorrow so they can go out tomorrow.

Went off to work rather early and got there in good time. I did a little more work on a craft project I was working on. I needed a container for some game pieces. On Saturday, I took an old potato chip tube container and glued different coloured squares of construction paper to it. Then, I covered it all with white bond (glue). It dried to a lovely shiny surface and made the whole thing look rather nicer than it ought to! Today, I worked on the lid. Since the game will be going to my very young nephew, I wanted to do game instructions in the simplest way possible, so I wrote them up on my computer, then did a bit of downsizing, photocopying and colouring at the school. I then stuck the simple directions on the lid and on the bottom of the tube and covered them with Bond. Hopefully it will look good when done.

My first class of the day cancelled which was sad, but a little expected. My second went well though. We did some vocabulary review and it was good for the student.

After work, I finished working on the tube I mentioned above, then did paperwork and finished reading the paper. I called F a little after 9 and he came to get me.

Tonight we couldn’t make up our minds about where to go for dinner. I suggested Cocos, but the parking lot was nearly full. F countered with another place, a new restaurant, but they weren’t properly open yet. We ended up at Coco Curry Ichibanya or whatever it’s called. We both had chicken cutlet curry, although I had small rice and very mild.

We came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance. I enjoyed it and some of the routines were fun. I was pretty good as a judge tonight! At least, the judges agreed with me.

F went to bed around 1 and I’m still up. Sigh. Should be in bed though. He told me tonight that he’s taking tomorrow off. Damn and blast! I know that sounds harsh, but I had a whole line up of things planned for myself and I have no idea if they will get done or not. I told him that they are important to me, but he has a funny way of just ignoring things like that.

Anyhoo, I’m done for the night. Tomorrow night I’ll try and check back in. Got to go! Night!


jy said...

Hate it when they take the day off and ruin your plans! LOL!

Helen said...

I know! I should be grateful, but I'm really not. We'll see how things go this morning.