December 31, 2010

Friday - Cold but clear. Cold. Very cold!

Had a wonderful day with my friend shopping up a storm in Edmonton, then watching an amazing movie.

We went to see The King's Speech which was great. I was really looking forward to seeing it and Colin Firth was so good as George VI. If the movie interests you in any way, see it. I wrote on Facebook that it was a film for adults about adults. So very rare!

My friend and I had a late lunch at Boston Pizza and then she drove me back to Beaumont.

Almost immediately my family and I left to go to a New Year's Party. I didn't know anybody there, but it was quite fun listening to all of the people's stories. That's the sort of thing that rarely happens in Japan as I can't understand the stories!

We came home just after midnight, and I came downstairs.

It was a great day. Tomorrow we have our New Years Day party, but hopefully it should be fun too.

Night...and of course, Happy New Year!

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