January 11, 2011

Tuesday - Sunny and gorgeous in Narita, snowy and cold in Tsuruoka

I had a bit of a gap in my blog. The last Saturday in Edmonton was long but good. We all got up early to take Zach to his soccer game. Sadly, his team lost, but they all played very well and had fun I think.

We came home and then we all had a rest for a while before heading out to the swimming pool. Joe and I decorated the party room, while Van, Kate and Zach went swimming with the party guests.

We had a nice time at the party. We were all tired and exhausted afterwards though. We were so glad that people came as the weather was horrible. One person didn’t come to the party because they had an accident on the road, but thankfully they weren’t hurt.

In the evening, we all vegged for a while and then went out to BP for dinner. It was nice. We were all too tired to even think about cooking. Afterwards, we came home, watched Mulan and then went to bed.

On Sunday, the road was still bad, but Joe took me out to the airport. I dumped my bags and went through security.

The plane ride to Vancouver was fine. It was very smooth. It was gorgeous in Vancouver. If I’d been able to I would have gone outside to take a walk, but I couldn’t.

In Vancouver I hacked around the airport. I did a little shopping, eating and drinking of tea. The flight was delayed and they changed the gate too. It was a mess!

The flight to Japan was okay, just long. The guy I sat beside was a bit odd. He took off his shoes and socks. I was a bit grossed out, but ….

I watched quite a few movies on the plane. I saw an episode of The Big Bang Theory too. I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World which wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be, Never Let Me Go which was terribly sad, Catfish-interesting and true, and You Will meet a Tall Dark Stranger which was awful. It was supposed to be a comedy, but it really wasn’t.

I didn’t watch a couple that I had really wanted to, Let Me In and The Social Network. I was planning to watch the latter, but I realised it’s just opening in Japan, and I’ve bought the dvd of Let the Right One In, so if I watch the US remake first, I might not like the original as much.

Landing in Tokyo went smoothly and I was off the plane, through Immigration and Customs and on the bus to the hotel within an hour! I even put my bags in to be delivered.

I checked in at my hotel, had dinner and a bath and was in bed by 10:30pm. I was reading in the bath and realised I’d read the same page 3 times and still didn’t understand it so decided it was bedtime for me.

In the morning, I woke up at 5:30 am and got up. I watched TV for a while, lots of stuff on Fox and then had breakfast. After breakfast, I went back to my room, finished packing up and caught the bus back to the Airport.

I tried to do some shopping, but couldn’t, so I just caught the bus back to Haneda Airport. At Haneda I put my backpack and coat in a locker and then went over to the new International Terminal to have a good snoop.

The place was amazing. It was really beautiful inside. I had a good look around but didn’t buy anything.

I went back to my terminal, had a meal at West Park Cafe and then picked up my stuff and went through security. I had a tea latte at Starbucks and then caught the plane.

The flight was smooth until we landed. There was blowing snow and wind in Tsuruoka. I was quite surprised. F hadn’t mentioned any trouble when he talked to me on the phone.

I met my hubby and we walked to the car. We went home for a bit before going out for dinner a bit later. We went over to my school and picked up my nengajo. F did a bit of snow-shoveling and then I made him stop.

We came home and after a while I went to bed. Tonight I went to bed at 11.

That’s it for my trip home. Night!


JY said...

Welcome home! You're lucky to have been able to land with weather tha bad...in the middle of a winter spell here too, usually nice and warm Shizuoka..
I was wondering about the new terminal at Haneda. They did a spoof on it on TV and it looked really cool. The only thing is that there are no good flights at reasonable times from Haneda.. ick.

Helen said...

I was quite impressed by the new terminal. The shops are interesting and very Japanese. I almost wonder if they aren't too Japanese....Furushiki stores, for example. Are tourists going to buy loads of them to take home?

The book store sells English books and magazines. If I was 13 again I could have bought Tiger Beat (when I was 13 I bought it!) I didn't buy anything but that was because I have too many at home.

It was nice, but the bus lines back to the other side weren't. There was a huge line up and the bus was quite crowded. They'll have to work on that, perhaps by running more buses. They weren't that well marked either.

As always, thanks for commenting!