January 12, 2011

Wednesday - Cold with snow. Brr!

I’m writing this a day late as I still have jet-lag and went to bed early last night!

My first night back wasn’t very good. I couldn’t sleep. I was alternately too hot and too cold. Poor Fumihiko didn’t sleep that well either.

I got up before 7am and decided to stay up. F got up a few minutes later and so I made us some tea and toasted some English Muffins. He went off to work a few minutes later.

I had a busy and quiet day yesterday. I did a bit of work on my computer. I read email, downloaded my pictures from my trip to my computer and caught up on a few blogs. Then, I got to work.

Although I am not a very tidy person at all, the kitchen was in a horrid mess when I came back. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning the stove. Admittedly it hadn’t been done in a long time but it took ages to get clean. At least now we’re starting the year with a clean stove. I also cleaned quite a bit of the kitchen as well. I cleaned the ice out of the freezer and put fresh water in the ice maker.

When F came home we had a cuddle and then went to the drug store and then to the grocery store to get eggs. We also got a pack of negi-toro to go with our dinner.

When we came home, we got dinner underway. We had a nabe with one of those soy milk sauce packs. I really liked it a lot. We had pork plus a pack of pre-cut vegetables and some tofu. It was very nice.

We had a quiet evening and after a bit I got so tired at my computer that I was almost asleep. I decided to just go to bed and get some sleep.

As I went off to bed, I asked F not to be too loud coming to bed and I got into bed, pulled the covers up and fell fast asleep! I didn’t hear him coming to bed at all! Usually he’s quite noisy.

That was my day! Night.


JY said...

It'll take awhile to get the jetlag to wear off. Bet you're glad to be home!

Helen said...

Honestly, I'm not sure yet! it was cold and snowy in Canada and it's snowy and a bit cold here! Not sure what the difference is! Just my DH I guess!