January 14, 2011

Friday - Snowy but not terribly cold.

I got up with F this morning again and made him some toast. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this next week as I very nearly didn’t get up with him today! Still, I think he enjoyed it.

I had a quiet day today. I watched a bit of TV in the morning and then went outside and shovelled snow in our parking space. Then, I swept the lobby of our apartment building. Once again it is our month to do it.

I came back into the apartment and watched Project Runway. It was fine.

Around 5 I went back outside and re-shovelled the parking space. It had filled up again. Sigh. I can’t really bear to think about my school’s space.

When F came home we had a cuddle and then went out. First we went to my school to set the heater for tomorrow, then we went to the grocery store for bacon. I had wanted to do a bit of snow shovelling at my school, but F was in a bad state and didn’t understand me at all.

We came home and I cooked dinner while someone had a naplet. He came through when I called him. We had quite a good meal. It was asparagus bacon, chicken wings, salad and chawan-mushi. I had three pans going at once on my stove, quite different from usual.

F did the dishes and then collapsed back into bed. He’s supposed to take a bath, but I don’t think he will.

Anyway, I’m off. It’s just gone midnight, but I’m really tired, so I’ll catch you tomorrow night. Bye!


Rachel said...

You poor thing! We are apparently having a 'snow storm' so far that meant a wee flurry at about 2pm, and nothing since. We are DYING to get enough snow on the ground to make a snowman.

I love the idea of having a 'naplet' while someone cooks me dinner. Could you come and be my wife for an afternoon every now and then?

Helen said...

Would you like me to send you some snow? Trust me, we have lots to spare. We'd never notice it was gone. We had about a foot overnight.

Sometimes it's just easier not to let DH in the kitchen while I'm cooking! We have different ways of doing things. He was very tired last night too so he deserved his nap!