January 15, 2011

Saturday - Snowy then clearing finally.

I’m really tired today so this’ll be short.

There was a lot of snow out this morning so I wanted to cancel my classes, but F wouldn’t let me. He went off to the doctor and then came home again. We left to have our breakfast around 10:30 and had an okay meal in Gusto.

We went to my school and both of us shovelled a lot of snow. I worked on the front of the school, F did the back. When I left to prepare my class, he was still there. He called me later, just before my class to say he’d gotten the car stuck. I went out to help and then saw that he’d hit a snowbank and had smooshed the front of the car. Sigh. Unfortunately, my student arrived then so I had to go and teach. F was lucky enough to get out with the help of some people in the neighbourhood.

I had two classes happen today. The one in the middle didn’t as the student was in Tokyo and had forgotten our class. Sigh. Oh well.

After school, F came to get me and we had tonkatsu at a local restaurant. The car wasn’t too bad and there isn’t much of a dent.

We came home and had a snuggle. I fell asleep and woke up a couple of hours later feeling really groggy. I really just want to go back to bed. Can’t believe that I’m still this jetlagged. The idea of going to bed at 1:30 on a Saturday night is so not me! F likes it though.


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