January 16, 2011

Sunday - Snowy but not too cold.

A good day. I woke up early today, but managed to stay in bed until F got up to go to the onsen.

I got up, did some computer stuff and then when he came back home, we went out.

We first went to the post office to pick up a parcel from a relative of mine in England. I got a calendar and an apron. Very cool.

After that, we drove to Sakata and went to Kappa Sushi. We had sushi. It was fun and we enjoyed it.

F and I drove to the mall then and checked on the movie’s time. We had lots of time so we did a bit of coffee drinking, then some shopping. I got myself some yarn to make myself a hat to go with my winter coat. I hope I really do it!

We went to see The Social Network and it was really good. I thought the writing and the acting was excellent. I am a big fan of Aaron Sorkin from The West Wing and like that show, this movie’s dialogue just went at a furious pace. It was a smart movie and treated the audience like smart people. Refreshing.

We did a little more shopping after the film. F bought me a new pair of rubber boots. These ones were taller than the ones I got last year. With the huge amount of snow we get here it is really important to have tall boots!

We had dinner in an okonomiyaki restaurant near the mall and then drove home via the grocery store.

We had a very quiet evening at home, didn’t really do too much, just computer and chatting.

That was our day. It was quite good. Night!


JY said...

Sounds like an excellent day! Will have to see that movie...didn't even know it existed! Some snow falling all around us here too, but not ON us.. rarely get snow here...

Helen said...

It is a good movie, with a great cast of young actors.

Ah, well, come to Tsuruoka for the snow! We've been getting such a lot lately. Bah!