January 17, 2011

Monday - Cold and snowy, but with a few hours of sun during the day.

I had a good day today, for the most part. I got up with F, but didn’t stay up as he was in a hurry and had to rush off. I got up a bit later.

I watched the news today and then the episodes of ER from when I was away. I enjoyed them a lot. I also did a lot of laundry. I still have a couple of loads to do, but I got a lot done today.

In the afternoon I decided to register for the convention this summer. F has told me that I can use my ANA points to fly to Tokyo, so that would really help out the cost of the trip. It’ll also give me a place and reason to wear my gorgeous new dress!

I walked to the post office to make my payment and also to send off a couple of cards and a package to my friend in Canada. No big deal really, just better to do it sooner than later.

I came home and did a lot of shovelling in F’s parking space. I didn’t get it completely cleared of snow and ice, but I improved it a lot. I gave up when the weather got nasty again.

I came into the apartment and got a start on dinner. I chopped up some dried tomatoes, an onion and a garlic clove and mixed them with the meat for tonight’s dinner. I put it back in the fridge to blend the flavours.

When F came home we went out again to the drugstore. As I was walking to the post office today, I realised that my new boots didn’t have any cushion between the sole and my foot. It’s cold right now. I got a pair of insoles, and then some things for the apartment, including dishwashing liquid and hand-soap.

We made a quick stop at my school to drop off some stuff and to set up the heater for tomorrow night. I’ll have to get over there a bit early to shovel snow, but I want it to be warm for my class.

Back at home again, I cooked dinner. It was quite good. We had coro-coro steak with onion and garlic, sautéed. I added some nice ketchup and it made it quite good. We had some microwaved veggies and a salad too. Turned out well.

The rest of the evening was fairly quiet. I “booked” the TV for the night as L.A. Confidential was on. Yes, I’ve seen it before, but it is such a good film that I had to watch it again! I don’t think F was impressed, but his choice for the evening was K-1 fighting so tough break dude!

He’s off sleeping and I’m staying up a bit late. I’m a tad tired, but I do seem to be mostly over my jet lag. Yay.

I had a busy day. Tomorrow I’ll be off to the school and will be shovelling snow before I teach. Oh joy. Let’s hope it doesn’t snow much overnight or I might have to give up the fight.



JY said...

Ooh...what convention? And cool flying into Tokyo!
Glad you're over your jet lag. But what weather eh?

Helen said...

The AFWJ convention. There's one every year basically.

Yes, I'm really getting tired of this weather. There is way too much snow for me! I don't mind the cold as much, but I hate the snow.

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