January 18, 2011

Tuesday - Changeable weather, but not much snow.

I had an okay day today. I woke up at the same time as F did, but stayed in bed! I did offer to make him a bit of breakfast so I don’t feel too guilty.

When I got up I was going to take a shower, but found an old Olivia de Haviland film on WOWOW so I watched it for a while. It was The Snake Pit and was quite good. It was all about mental illness.

I took my shower after that and had a quiet day around the apartment. I didn’t do my laundry today as the last bunch I did wasn’t dry yet.

I made my lunch before 3 pm and then a little after 3 I went to work. I did a little snow shovelling at F’s space here at the apartment then walked to my school and did it all over again. There was quite a bit of snow at my school. We hadn’t cleared all the way to the ground last time so the snow continued to build rather than to melt. I cleared quite a lot of snow today. Yay for me!

When I finished I went inside and got ready for my class. I read some of the newspapers and had some tea.

My student came on time and we had a good class. We had both gone away during the holiday season so we dished about our trips. I think my student had a great time on hers.

After class, I finished up and then called F to pick me up. We decided to go to New York, New York tonight but they were closed, so we tried Fireball instead. It was really good. I had a fish and mushroom pasta in a tomato cream sauce that was terrific, and F had a pizza that was nice.

We came home via the grocery store for some lovely veggies for the soup I’ve decided to make tomorrow.

At home, we watched So You Think You Can Dance. They’re at the top 4 now and so the caliber of dancing was really good. F and I enjoyed the show.

And that’s about it. I did finish reading my novel today. I finally finished The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters today. A creepy little story of something going wrong in a strange house.

Gotta go. Guess I’m not quite over my jet lag yet! Night.


JY said...

Dinnder sounded good... get over your jet lag soon! It took me about a week or so to get over mine. Never had it when I was younger... what gives???!!! LOL

Helen said...

I think that yesterday I was tired from all of the snow shovelling and a little bit of jet lag.

Dinner was good. It's a little Italian restaurant that does really nice pasta and isn't too expensive. It's not gorgeous inside, it looks like a diner, but it stays open late and has an interesting menu.

My jet lag has gotten worse as I get older too! Not fair.

Thanks for commenting :-)