January 23, 2011

Sunday - Sunny with a few flurries.

We had a good day today. F and I both stayed up late, but as usual he was up before me. However, I was up before 11 am and that was before my alarm went off so I don’t feel too bad.

He ran a few errands like getting kerosene for his mother before he came home. When he did, I was watching Whiteout so I taped the last 30 minutes of the movie and we headed out for lunch.

We went to the Daiichi Hotel for lunch and it was okay. We both had pasta, although we had different types. The reason I suggested the Daiichi was the mall has a photo booth at the entrance and I wanted to use it. I have to renew my Alien registration card soon and needed to have a new photo taken.

We headed out to Mikawa mall after lunch but got caught in a traffic jam. Since F had forgotten to bring his medicine and to buy gas for his car I suggested turning around and buying the gas and some kerosene for us and then getting his medicine. That’s what we did.

Next we headed out to the mall but on a different route. We made great time and when we were there I had some of my new pants measured and put in for alterations. It sucks being short!

I suggested going to a movie so we checked the theatre. The Green Hornet was going to be playing in about 30 minutes so we decided to see it. It was…okay. I was disappointed and thought that there was a lot of potential that wasn’t fulfilled. Sigh.

We drove back into Tsuruoka for dinner. We went to Coco Ichibancha and had curry. They had a “Grand Mother’s Curry” special on so that’s what we had. It was fine.

We came home via the grocery store and bought the makings for tomorrow night’s dinner. Looks like it’ll be nabe again.

We dropped off the ingredients and then went out again to the bookstore. We’re going on a small road trip in March and F wants a travel book for his planning. We’ve actually booked our hotels already so that’s a good thing.

We watched a bit of TV here at home and then F went to bed. I should go soon.



JY said...

Nabe's r nice. End up making those all too often in winter!

Helen said...

I like them too because they're fast and usually delicious!