January 25, 2011

Tuesday - Warm and sunny, bit of snow at night.

Today was a good day. I woke up when F left, but I didn’t get up. I felt a bit sad after all, but the sleep I got made up for it!

Later, I got up, watched the news and then had a quick shower. I didn’t have a long relaxing day at home today as I had to be at work early in the day.

I ate lunch and left home around 1 pm. I stopped at a convenience store to get a snack for later along the way. When I got to the school I grabbed my shovel and did a bit of snow shovelling. I was rather lucky and didn’t have to do too much. The work we’d done last night was worth it. Yay.

I had two classes today and they went fairly well. I went out in the middle and checked the space, did a little shovelling, but not a lot.

After my last class I put up a couple of Valentine’s Day decorations that I bought in Canada and then did my paperwork. I called F around 9 pm and he came to get me.

We had a quick and cheerful dinner in New York, New York then stopped at the grocery store for tomorrow’s dinner. We discussed making another nabe and I agreed to let F make a fish nabe for us IF he could get decent fish. I didn’t want to have to eat bits of eyes or really bony fish. Yuck. He agreed.

However, the grocery store didn’t really have a lot left that would be suitable so we decided to come back tomorrow and see if they had anything then.

We came home and watched a repeat of American Idol. It was the Stone’s week, so quite fun. I also got started on my new hat. Yep, I’ve decided to make myself something for a change. I didn’t get a lot done, but it looks okay so far.

That’s it for me. No firm plans for tomorrow so I’ll leave you all waiting desperately to hear what happens to me! Got to go. Night!

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