January 26, 2011

Wednesday - Warmer with a bit of snow.

Not a great day if I’m honest. Read on!

I woke up this morning just before F had to leave for work. He got up, I stayed in bed.

I was a bit late getting up for the news, so I resolved to set the vcr for it from now on.

I had a quiet morning around the apartment. I watched Obama’s State of the Union address and was quite impressed. He is a very good speaker. I realised after 12 that I was still in my PJ’s so quickly got dressed.

I went outside and did a bit of snow shovelling. It wasn’t difficult, but the snow had so much water in it that it was very heavy. Also, the big pile of snow behind F’s parking space is over my head now so it’s a bit hard to put snow on the top of it for me.

F came home and was in an odd mood tonight. He started eating snack food, completely forgetting we were supposed to go and get stuff to make dinner. I reminded him we were going to make nabe and he said he didn’t want to make it anymore because I didn’t like the last one he made. Thing is, I did, after he added more flavouring to the soup. Don’t know what goes on in his head sometimes.

Anyway, we decided to eat out, so went to Cafe Framboise for a nice meal. I had chicken with cheese on top, F had the Japanese set meal. When we left the restaurant there was a bit of snow and it wasn’t nice out.

We drove to my school to set the heater and that’s where it all went wrong. F drove around to the parking space to “help” me shovel the snow. He drove into the parking lot and promptly got stuck. Our car is very low at the front so it doesn’t do well in bumpy territory.

I went to my school and grabbed the shovels. F shovelled a lot of snow and did all the things you are supposed to do and finally got out of the middle of the parking lot. While he did that, I shovelled the snow in my space.

He got himself out of the parking area and promptly got himself stuck in the entrance way to the parking area. He called the man who sold him the car (from the dealership) and he came to help. (Supreme customer service or what? 10 pm on a snowy night.)

They worked together for a bit and managed to get the car out halfway into the road. Where it remained firmly stuck. They called JAF. I called a time out and went into my school.

I hadn’t dressed for staying outside for so long and I recently seem to have developed chilblains so didn’t want to stay out any longer. I went into my school and worked on a puzzle then did some reading.

It was after midnight when F finally picked me up. I don’t know how they did it, but they got the car out.

F and I drove to the grocery store where we bought a few necessities and then came home. We tried to relax a bit but it took a while before either of us managed it.

That’s it. A weird day really. Got to get some sleep now. Night!


JY said...

Really ... Sucky day

Helen said...

Yep! It really was. I hope today is better!