January 27, 2011

Thursday - Snowy. What else? Yawn.

What a day! I got up this morning a little bit late, but it didn’t matter. F managed to get himself off to work.

I had a fairly quiet morning in the apartment. I watched a bit of TV but nothing exciting. I was keeping an eye on the weather as I wanted to leave early if the weather turned bad.

I started making lunch and after I ate and cleaned up, I checked the weather again. It was coming down like crazy. There were big soft snowflakes everywhere. Blech. They weren’t staying on the ground, at least at first, but it was the kind of snow that makes you very wet and would stay.

I got dressed up and walked to my school. I did a little shovelling, but not a lot as the snow that fell wasn’t sticking where I cleaned it last night. I went into the school and got ready to teach. Then I heard an awful sound. The snowplough.
I peeked out my big window and sure enough, the snowplough was going down the side road, wreaking havoc with its blade. To be fair, when the plough passed an opening, it did go back and try to clear it better, but it still left a big mess in its wake.

I had about 25 minutes before my student was going to come so I got dressed for outside and then grabbed my shovel and went. There was a guy working on the entrance way already, so I gave him a hand. To be honest, I was really surprised that someone else even did a bit because I’ve never seen anyone else do snow shovelling at that apartment building! We soon had it clear enough for him to drive out, so off he went. I had to go too as my class was going to start.

My class did start, and only a couple of minutes late. After class I checked the snow situation and it was okay.

My second student of the day was late. She’s never late. Finally I got a text from her saying she was parking somewhere and walking. Sigh.

When she arrived I got the whole story. She wasn’t able to drive into the parking lot as the opening was too narrow. So, she’d parked in a local drugstore and walked. It must have taken her at least 10 minutes to walk back, so I felt very bad for her. She had to leave early too as the store was going to close at the same time her lesson ended. I’ll most likely give her extra time on another lesson some day to make up for it.

I did some paperwork, looked at my first Saturday class and then called F. He picked me up and tonight we had our dinner at Grado. It was quite nice. We had pork and chicken with soup, salad and appetisers. Quite delish.

We hit up the grocery store to get us a few things for tomorrow’s dinner. Yep, I am finally going to cook a bit. Watch out world! We came home and that was that! My day.

There were some other things like a bit of semi-heated discussion about one of the groups I moderate, but compared to yesterday, today was a pretty good day. Tomorrow? Who knows? Check back in and find out how it goes. Night!


JY said...

Hate the weather but at least it's clear and sunny here. Just cold, so I can't complain after reading your blog... ha ha.
Hoping for a good day today as well!

Helen said...

I read in the paper yesterday that Tohoku is getting slammed with snow, and watching the news this morning I feel it's a bit like what the people in New York or Washington are experiencing. This time last year I was riding my bike to work! Some people are riding bikes, but personally I think they're nuts.

Thanks for visiting..hope your day goes well.