January 29, 2011

Saturday - Snowy then gorgeously sunny, then snowy.

Today was a good day today. Hurray for that!

I had a good night’s sleep and then when we got up this morning we had a fairly quiet relaxing morning. We left a little early for brunch. F had breakfast at Gusto, I had lunch.

He dropped me off at my school and I got busy. I cleaned off the walkway and then the front steps to the apartment building. I even cleared a path to the road and put a step in it as the jump up was quite high.

I went in the apartment and started to get ready for work. My student came and we had a good lesson, except later I realised that I’d kept her textbook. Oops. Well, I’ll give it to her next week.

After her class I went outside and shovelled snow. I did that for a long time! I shovelled for about an hour and a half. It wasn’t as bad as you might think because the sun was shining and it was quite warm.

When I had enough I went back into my school and relaxed for a while. I did paperwork, and read the paper. I also watched and listened to another couple of podcasts.

My last class of the day went quite well. We started a new textbook today and it seemed to be okay. Hurray for that!

After class, I did my paperwork, then I did dishes and got changed. I called F and he came to get me.

We had a nice dinner in Moku-Moku and then came home. F watched a couple of TV shows in Japanese and then I demanded the TV for Top Gear and now Burn Notice! I’m not that mean, I told him he could watch what he wanted for a while until my shows were on.

And that was it. My day was good. I’m quite stiff and sore now though. I hope I’ll be okay in the morning. Night!


JY said...

That little bit of sunshine and warmth makes everything worth it!

Helen said...

It almost does! It was really beautiful yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good day. Too much snow shoveling though,our last batch of snow has all gone and now all is icky mud. Rather have snow. By the way I think that Top Gear is so funny. I really like it. Mimi