January 3, 2011

Monday - Warm and sunny.

A good day. Today we were all supposed to wake up early in preparation for the kids going back to school. I did wake up at 7:00am, but when I poked my head out of the door, there weren't any lights on, so I went back into the basement and started watching "Say Yes to the Dress". Reality TV again, but at least it wasn't the Food Network!

After a while I heard noise upstairs so went in search of breakfast and other people. I had breakfast and then we went out.

Van drove us into Edmonton and dropped me off at a store for a few minutes. I went in and did a little shopping. Yay! I got 3 shirts for work and a new jacket for spring.

Van picked me up again and then dropped Kate and I at Southgate. We were hoping to catch a movie downtown, but sadly we didn't quite make it. However, we did have fun riding the LRT downtown and then doing a little bit of shopping. We had lunch and then Kate did a little shopping. I do worry about her sense of style however. She liked a lot of the things she tried on to be really tight or low cut. Sigh. I managed to talk her out of them though. She did get a really cute checked shirt on sale so didn't leave empty handed.

After a while I think we both got a bit tired and ended up a little snappy with each other so decided to go back to meet her mother. We went back to the station and phoned from the station. Sadly, it was a horrible phone and we couldn't really hear Van at all.

We arrived at Southgate Mall and were greeted by Van and Zach who were waiting for us. Zach was really happy to see us both!

Van drove us back to Beaumont. I had a horrid headache and Zach was a little exuberant so I was in a bit of pain. Van gave me some medicine and I did feel better after a while.

The rest of the evening was a bit anti-climactic. Kate and her father went to soccer practice while Van, Zach and I stayed home and watched the hockey game (Canada won!)

I watched a bit of TV with Joe later on, then came downstairs to have a rest. That was my day. It was quite good. It was nice to take Kate out again too. We didn't do the things we wanted to, but I think we had fun.

Got to go. I'm tired! Night.


JY said...

But it's STILL reality TV...I think that it's just stuff we don't get here in JP and you have your choice of ANYTHING and everything in English!

Helen said...

I think that you are probably correct! If it wasn't in English I wouldn't be watching it.