January 30, 2011

Sunday - snowy and cold.

Today was a good day. I went to bed late last night so I slept in late today. I didn’t get up until after noon, but it was okay. F had gone out to have a massage so it wasn’t a big deal.

When he came home, he went out again to take his mother shopping. There’s so much snow it is hard for her to get out, and she’s got a bad knee. While he was out I did some actual work on my computer and then we went out.

We had a quick and tasty lunch at Kintaro sushi, then came home for F’s cell phone. Next we headed out to the mall.

At the mall, F wanted to buy himself some new jeans so we looked in a couple of stores and he finally got himself some in a jeans store. They’re okay. I would have kept looking personally, but he didn’t want to. I don’t have to wear them, so I don’t care too much!

I picked up my clothes from the tailor. I did try on one of the pairs of jeans I bought, the one that I had the back taken in. They fit perfectly now. Yay.

We had a drink at Seattle’s Best Coffee and then headed back to Tsuruoka. We went directly to the movie theatre to see what was playing and when. We arrived around 5:30 and Unstoppable was playing at 6:10 so we decided to go and see it. F bought the tickets and then we had a quick and delicious meal in the restaurant in the theatre. It was tonkatsu with mozzarella cheese. Yum.

I got the popcorn and drinks and we headed into the theatre. F immediately dropped his popcorn all over the floor. Sigh. He went to get a broom to clean it up and I went to the ladies. When I came back, they’d given him more popcorn. Wow! Nice. I was going to buy him some more, but I didn’t need to.

The movie was great. I really enjoyed it. Where I grew up in Canada we were very near a railway crossing and twin track. We would hear trains at all hours of the day and night and to be honest, this film brought back all kinds of memories about being near the tracks. Unstoppable had Denzel Washington and Chris Pine in it and it was great to have two guys in the film that looked like they knew what they were doing. There are a couple of parts where the actors have to do stunts, but the stunts are believable. There aren’t any huge leaps from train car to train car, there are mishaps and people get hurt. F and I were talking afterwards and he said it was a bit like DieHard on a train, but I said it was more like Speed on a train. There’s no evil guy trying to get money! It’s fun, so if trains or the story sound exciting, check out the movie.

We came home after the movie and had a quiet night. I watched a few minutes of The Transporter (JASON baby, yeah!) before switching over to see Return to Witch Mountain with The Rock or Dwayne Johnson as he now prefers to be called. It was fun. I got a kick out of the cameos of Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards from the original Witch Mountain movies…except of course I never got to see them.

We watched Nighthawks with Stallone after that, and when it finished I watched the end of Veronica Mars. I’m not sure if the series is over or not, but the show tied up a lot of loose ends. (I know the series is over, just not sure if the station has more episodes to show or not.)

And that was my day. It was a good one. Tomorrow I have lots of little things to do, so I’d better get to bed so I can do everything I need to. Night!


JY said...

i lived right in front of the train tracks in Oregon as well... got used to the trains coming by late at night or early morning. ah the old days!

Helen said...

They were so noisy and even though we weren't really close to them the house would shake. I suppose it was good practice for living in Japan!

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