January 6, 2011

Thursday - Warm and sunny

I had a great day today!

In the morning I got up, ate breakfast and then showered. Van drove me to Southgate and then met up with my friend almost immediately. We spent a couple of hours in the mall, eating lunch and then doing a bit of shopping. When my friend and my daughter had to leave, I headed off towards downtown to meet another friend.

I had a good trip downtown and went through the Mall to the coffee shop outside the library. I had a decaf tea and a date square. Yum. My friend arrived a little later and we chatted for a while before going back in to the mall and doing a bit of shopping. I bought a few things, but not too much.

After a while, my friend's husband arrived and we went to a CD shop and then decided to go for dinner. We had dinner in The Elephant & Castle. I haven't eaten there in years, but it was nice. I had a blue cheese and steak salad and it was good. Not my usual fare, but all the better because of that.

They drove me back to Beaumont and I came into the apartment. Zachary was very hyper. It's his birthday tomorrow and he's so excited about it. Kate and her father were doing some studying for Kate's test on the Renaissance that she has tomorrow.

Van and I played a game on her iPad for a while before we broke up the party. It was fun as Joe was out and Zach was in bed. Kate came down after her shower and we had a bit of girltalk. Yay! I so miss that.

I came downstairs and started vegging in front of the computer. I watched a bit of TV, but didn't find anything interesting. Van came down with a message that the weather is due to change this weekend and to get really bad. I'm not sure why. I can't do anything about it. I hope the forecast is wrong, but if it isn't I guess I'll deal with it all then.

Anyway, that's it for me for today. It was a good day and it was lovely to see my friends. Tomorrow will be a little busy as Van and I have a lot to prepare for the big party on Saturday. Night!

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