February 1, 2011

Tuesday - Snowy and cold. Very snowy. Quite cold.

Urgh! What a day.

I overslept a tad this morning, but it was okay. I still managed to get up and shower in time. I watched Bad Boys (maybe 2?) today on WOWOW and didn’t really like it. It wasn’t my kind of action movie.

Had brunch, walked to work. That was nasty. I took a picture which gives a bit of an idea how it was out there. I had to walk on the road because of course the sidewalks are all under oodles of snow.
I got to my school and started really working. I got out my snow shovel and my “dump” and moved a lot of snow. Last night F said my parking space was under 10 cm of snow, today it was more like 20. I had to move a lot of it. I cleared my parking space, the way out to the parking lot and the front steps of the building. I also looked at the gate a little as there were a few big lumps of snow there too.

I went into my class prepping time in order to finish my snow shovelling so I really had to run when I finished. I dressed hurriedly and then my student arrived soon after. We had a fairly good class and then she went on her way.

I had a break so I had some tea and a light snack, I did paperwork and I read the papers. I went out to the parking lot again around 5 pm and re-cleared some snow. There wasn’t too much this time, but it needed to be done.

My student did come for a brief appearance but she had trouble getting into the space. She’s going to try again on Saturday. Hopefully it’ll be a little easier then.

My last student of the day came on time and we had a good class. We talked about many things including a fabulous meal she had on the weekend. I told her that Precious was playing at the local theatre and also told her what a difficult film it was to watch. Difficult, but really good. I’m not sure if she’ll see it or not.

I asked F to pick me up and we had dinner in Cocos. I had hamburger and it was okay. We picked up dinner for tomorrow night at the grocery store and then came home.

Someone had parked in our spot! F thinks that he started it by parking in the wrong space first. It’s confusing with all the snow on it.

I came in and we watched American Idol. I did some crochet during it. That was nice and relaxing. I’m trying to make myself a hat. I hope it works out. I’m trying a new for me pattern, but I didn’t check the gauge or anything.

And that’s it. I’m really tired, so I just want to post and go to bed. Talk to you tomorrow? Night!


JY said...

Nasty snow! Will it ever end???

Helen said...

I have my doubts at the moment!