February 11, 2011

Friday - Cold and snowy.

Today was okay. I slept in quite late. We didn’t have any plans made so I felt like sleeping!

When I got up we sat and drank coffee for a while, then went out for lunch. F, as always, wanted soba. When he told me I wasn’t happy as I had dressed in a new shirt that I got for Christmas. Soba eating, my way, is messy and I really didn’t want to ruin my nice shirt. I changed.

We went to a new place for me and it was okay. I didn’t have to sit on the floor and there were no annoying people asking F personal questions about me. Hurray for that. Lunch was okay. We had the same thing, soba with tofu and tempura. I had dark soba, F had white soba.

After lunch we did a bit of shopping. I needed a few things for my school and our apartment, so we picked them up. We dropped them off and my school too and spent a few minutes there making some more hearts for my wall.

We came home briefly and then went to karaoke for three hours or so. It was a lot of fun. I made a surprising discovery. I found a song in that was a big hit in Britain during the week I was there when I was 19! The song was Dolce Vita by Ryan Paris, a guy who was basically a one hit wonder. It was a great song though!

We came home and had a quiet evening. We didn’t even turn on the TV until after midnight! I just watched an old episode of Numbers and I’ll likely go to bed soon as I have a busy day at work tomorrow. Busy, or long? Bit of both I guess. Hopefully I won’t have to do any snow shovelling as the snow hasn’t been staying much.

Anyway, that was my day. It wasn’t bad at all. I hope tomorrow goes as well! Night.


JY said...

Good you had a good day! Night shift started out a little traumatic here, but is now quiet and peaceful!

Helen said...

Thank you, and I'm glad for you!