February 12, 2011

Saturday - Snowy then clearing in the afternoon, snow at night.

A good day today. I overslept a bit this morning because I went to bed really late. I still managed to get up and shower and then watch Grey’s Anatomy.

F and I had brunch in Cocos this morning and it was quite nice. We got to my school a bit early but I didn’t have to shovel any snow. Hurray!

My classes went well today. I had three and everyone came on time and everyone put a heart on my wall. Hurray.

After classes I finished up quickly and called F. He told me that I should meet him outside in one minute! He had been parking in my space waiting for me to finish. I jumped in the car and we went to the theatre.

We didn’t have enough time to have a meal before the movie, so we had a few snacks and then went in to see A Single Man.
Colin Firth was amazing and the setting of the film felt right. It also had quite a different feel from the usual Hollywood movie. It was fashion designer Tom Ford’s first film, let’s hope that it isn’t his last.

After the movie, F and I tried to find somewhere to eat. Our first choice was busy, so we went to Coco Ichibanya for curry. We had a very yummy meal and then came home.

It was half past twelve before I realised that I was missing Top Gear, so I hurriedly turned on the TV and got to watching. I’ve turned my hubby into a fan too I think! (And yes, I do know about the recent controversy….) Watched Burn Notice afterwards and it was exciting.

That’s about it for my day. I’m not sure of our plans for tomorrow. Hopefully, lots of sleep, since it is already 4 am. Sigh. I’m so bad! Night.


JY said...

you really are a night owl!

Helen said...

I am!

Thanks for visiting as always :-)