February 13, 2011

Sunday - The snow! The snow! Bah.

Went to bed really late last night. It was around 5 in the morning. I knew I wasn’t going to get up early, and I didn’t. I had set my alarm for 11 and woke up just before it. I got up briefly and then headed back to bed. Hub followed me and for the next hour we had snuggle and chat time. I really wanted sleep, but it was nice to talk about last night’s movie and our feelings about it.

When I got up I checked outside and immediately wished I hadn’t. When I had gone to bed there wasn’t any new snow, now there was a lot. Gah! It was warm outside, so some of it melted, but a lot didn’t. Just what we needed….Not.

Hub wanted to go to Mikawa for lunch and to do a bit of shopping so that’s what we did. We had lunch in the okonomiyaki place out there, the place where we make our own. We had two different kinds today, cheese and “Seoul” which had kimchee in it. They were both really good. There was also a special offer so we got dessert too. It was a chocolate fondant. Now, for some reason, I thought it was really small, so I insisted on getting two. However, they were large and sharing would have been a good idea. Anyway, we had huge desserts and it made me feel a little sick for a long time.

We went looking for car mats but didn’t buy any, then did a circuit of the hundred yen shop and drugstore. Stuff was bought. We headed into the mall after all that.

We had coffee at Mr. Donut and I cashed in some of my points and got a donut bag. I can get another smaller one too, if I want.
We got each other’s Valentine’s Day chocolate there too, and I have to say that trying to get rid of my husband so I could actually purchase the stuff was annoying. I grabbed the candy he said he liked and asked him to go and stand “over there” while I headed to the cash register. Next thing I notice is he’s standing in front of me trying to pay for the chocolate that I’m buying him. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH! I wouldn’t let him and was a bit annoyed to be honest.

We looked at movies today too, but the one I wanted to see had just started and the next show wasn’t for a couple of hours. F was game, but I wasn’t.

We headed back to Tsuruoka and then had yakiniku in a place we haven’t gone for a while. With all of the snow today, parking was a pain in the butt, and F did a lot of rocking the car back and forth. This had the unintended effect of making me really nauseated. When we went into the restaurant I didn’t know if I could eat. I did of course, and then felt better. I think I was still on a sugar high from lunch and the seasickness didn’t help any.

We came home via the grocery store and then watched School of Rock. I wanted to like it, I really did, but I didn’t. It was all about Jack Black and not about the kids at all. Jack Black is so over-rated (in The Holiday, I hoped Kate Winslet would end up with Eli Wallach rather than JB). As a teacher I really thought he might try teaching his students something from their curriculum. So, a big ol’ “Don’t bother” from me on this film!

The rest of the evening was fairly quiet. I watched some of Veronica Mars and finally Hub went off to bed. He’s still awake though which will be a problem for him tomorrow.

Got to go. Night!


JY said...

Aaah your bubbie is a night owl too!

Helen said...

Not really! He was almost late for work today. If I hadn't got up to use the washroom, he'd have overslept!