February 15, 2011

- Sunny and ? I didn’t go out!

I had a good day. I woke up this morning but F had already left for work. Good thing! I was paranoid after yesterday.

I had a really quiet day at home today. In the morning Cabaret was on and I watched it. I knew of course that Liza Minnelli was in it, and Joel Grey, but I had no idea that the “ King of Cats” Michael York was in it too. He was good. A very bizarre movie, but in a good way.

I watched a bit of TV today, relaxed, read the paper. Quite boring.

When F came home we cooked dinner. I made a stir-fry and F cooked some gyoza that we forgot to cook yesterday. Dinner was very nice.

In the evening we relaxed a bit. F channel surfed and surfed right into a Barry Manilow concert on TV so I made him stop so I could watch it! F didn’t know who he was until he started singing Mandy. He knows that song from me at karaoke!

F took his bath at 11 and after the concert finished I turned over to American Idol. It was a repeat of the Lennon/McCartney night and was enjoyable. I sat over on the couch and sewed my hat. I finished crocheting it last night and sewed it together tonight. It’s really cute. I’ll try and post pictures tomorrow. I want to post to Ravelry as well.

And that was my day. I hope to get out of the apartment tomorrow. I will! Right? I blame WOWOW for putting a double shot of Cold Case on at the time I usually go out. Night!


JY said...

Who wants to go out when Cold Case is on TV???!!! Barry Manilow eh? I have to admit that I have "Mandy" on my ipod... there...I said it...! LOL!

Helen said...

As you can probably tell, I'm a bit of a Barry Manilow fan, from way back in Junior High actually. My best friends and I went to see him in concert when we were 16 (meaning we had to drive 2 1/2 hours to the city by ourselves). The concert was so good!

I have a lot more than Mandy on my iPod, but that's not important right now! (tee hee!)