February 18, 2011

Friday - Rainy then snowy.

Today was an okay day. I had hoped to go out today, but the weather didn’t co-operate and nothing I needed was so pressing that I had to go out.

I got up a few minutes late, watched news and got on with my day. I stayed in my PJs for rather a long time, but finally got dressed.

I did a bit of reorganising in my little corner of “stuff”. I managed to empty out a couple of bags of books. I’ll have to either list some of the books on Book Mooch, or find a place to put them. I tidied up a bit too. In the later part of the day, I fired up my shredder and shredded a bunch of things. That was fun!

I also got a mail delivery today. I got a t-shirt from Canada. Over the Christmas holiday in Canada I bought F a t-shirt in Mark’s Work Wearhouse. I just grabbed his size and a colour that I liked, I didn’t really look too closely at it. (My sister was also buying shirts in the same section, so I just assumed it would look similar to hers.) Fast forward to Japan and I notice that there is a large fade mark on the front . It had been in a shelf that faced the window. Perhaps it was there a long time. I emailed the company and they very nicely sent me a replacement via my sister. They’ve asked me to donate the marked t-shirt to a homeless shelter or a local worthy cause. I don’t think there’s a homeless shelter nearby, so I’m taking ideas of what to do with it. I got one idea via Facebook, but if you dear reader have another idea, please let me know.

F came home around 6:30 tonight. He seemed fine at first and then when I was talking to him, went off to bed in the middle of what I was saying. He went to sleep for hours. Originally we had planned to go out for dinner and then go to my school to do my taxes so I wasn’t too pleased with him.

Around 8:30 I woke him up and we went out for dinner. We went to a local place and had a nice meal, except I found a small piece of metal in mine. It turns out that it came from a washing brush. Hmm.

F drove me to my school so I could set the heater. At 10 pm, I wasn’t about to get out my financial records for him. We came home and watched a bit of TV. F went to bed fairly early and I’ll try to go soon, although this isn’t early!

Tomorrow I have a busy day, and I might just skip the update tomorrow night if I’m tired, so don’t miss me too much. Talk to you next time. Night.


JY said...

Hate it when you find odd things in your food. Which is really unusual for Japan.

Helen said...

Me too!. It's not a usual thing for this restaurant either. Their food is usually really good. I'm hoping this was a one-off.

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