February 2, 2011

Wednesday - Sunny, warm and whispers so as not to jinx things no snow!

A nice day! I got up a little early this morning, watched the news and then got ridiculously tired so I went back to bed for a while. I slept for another hour and felt better.

In the afternoon I went outside for a while and shovelled a bit of snow from our parking space. It was mostly ice left in the space and it wasn’t easy to get up, but I persevered. The pile at the back is really high and is hard for me to get the snow up there.

Here are some random pictures from today. I wanted to record the glorious sunshine.

I came back inside and watched Cold Case, then Who Framed Roger Rabbit? after that. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie but it’s a good one and worth watching. F was very late tonight. He called me just before 7 pm.

When he came home, I was trying to watch The Exorcist. I’m not sure what WOWOW was thinking putting it on around 7 pm. It’s much more of a late night movie, in my humble opinion! I turned it off when I went to the kitchen, F was making noise and I wanted to cook dinner. Hubs started making some of the dishes for tonight’s dinner before he even changed his clothes. Okay?

He made a couple of types of nameru and I heated up the last of the soup, plus cooked the beef and garlic mixture and set the table. In other words, I did the things I usually do! We had a nice dinner. The nameru was good, and so was the beef/garlic dish. I’d have liked it to be hotter in temperature though. F did the dishes and then we went out.

We stopped by my school to set the heater. F managed to get into the parking lot and didn’t get stuck. He said that he could get into my space, but it was a bit difficult. Thing is there is so much snow built up in the middle of the parking lot that my parking space is a bit downhill.

We went to Mr. Donuts tonight for a couple of cups of cafe-au-lait and doughnuts. They weren’t bad. We had a nice and chatty time, just us together.

We came home and I watched the end of Executive Decision, which is one of my favourite action films set on an airplane, and the turned over to American Idol for the results show. I sat on the couch and did some more crochet during AI.

That was about it for my night. I made some popcorn in the microwave and put dill pickle flavouring on it. Total yum.

Tomorrow I only have one class and it is later on in the day, so I can have a quiet day at home for a bit. I also might not have to do so much shovelling if I’m really lucky. (Crosses fingers and toes) Wish me luck with that! Night!


JY said...

"whispers back" yeay! compared to the storm that over half of the US is facing... geesh...

Helen said...

I know! I feel quite bad for being so happy over not having snow when so many people are in crisis.

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