February 22, 2011

Tuesday - Clear and sunny

I’m writing this the next morning! I stayed up last night watching a movie and I was engrossed in it. It was Coming Home with Jane Fonda and Jon Voight. It was a really good film, and it was the first time I’ve seen it all the way through. I’d seen parts of it before, but never the whole thing.

Most of yesterday was fine. I got up on time, but was terribly tired most of the morning. I really wanted to go back to bed, but I never did. I had lunch and left for work in good time. I really didn't want to leave though, Casablanca was on. As always I was reminded what a fabulous movie it is.

My class went well and after my student left I got busy reading newspapers and planning classes. My second class of the day also went well and my student brought me a loaf of homemade bread. (It was yummy!)

After class I finished up and called my husband to come and get me. He did and we went for dinner to New York, New York. We had the same main dish and then different sides.

We came home after our meal and spent a quiet evening at home. We watched American Idol which was quite a lot of fun.

After F went to bed, I watched Coming Home and then I went bed without blogging. I looked at the clock and it was 3 am and I just decided to sleep instead of writing. I think it was a good choice.

That was my Tuesday. Later!


JY said...

Same. Never seen that movie all the way through. "The Deer Hunter" was on with Meryl Streep the other day... wanted to see that all the way thru too..but didn't have time. *sigh*

Helen said...

I've never seen any of The Deer Hunter. I would really like to some day.

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