February 24, 2011

Thursday - Raining now, but sunny and warm in the daytime.

A good day. I got up this morning a little late, but no matter. I watched Three Coins in the Fountain, which was a sweet old movie about three secretaries in Rome. I had seen it before, but definitely worth watching again. I am enjoying the old movies on TV in the morning.

I had a quiet day at home until I left for work. I got there in lots of time. Most of the snow around my school has melted, with the exception of the big pile in the road. The path through the pile needed a bit of smoothing, so I did that and then got started on my school day.

Today I did such lovely jobs as cleaning the toilet and sweeping the floor before my first class.

My first class went well and today the student didn’t get 100 per cent on the dictation test, but he only made one mistake, so I was really pleased. I read newspapers in the break between classes, plus did a bit of paperwork.

After my second class, I did the dishes and called my husband. He came and we went to Coco Curry House. It was quite nice and then we just came home. I didn’t want to miss ER seeing as how they are so close to the end now. Tonight they wrapped up Neela’s storyline. It was sad, but perfect too. They showed flashbacks from when she first came to County, a little of her relationship with Gallant and some of the other doctors.

After midnight F did his “I’m not watching anything but don’t you dare touch the TV” bit (not really!) until I asked if I could watch something. I put on His Royal Purpleness’s movie, Purple Rain and rewatched it. I don’t know, it seemed to make a lot more sense when I was younger!
Anyway, we’ve decided to go to Sendai this weekend. I don’t have classes on Saturday which doesn’t happen often, so we’ll go and trip the light fantastic there! Tomorrow, F is planning to take half a day off work and I think he’ll take me to his doctor. I hurt my foot a few weeks ago and I’m wondering if there’s anything that can be done. Wish me luck!

Talk to you tomorrow night, most likely. Night!

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