February 3, 2011

Thursday - Warm, sunny and…no snow! Amazing.

Had a great day today! I got up slightly before my news broadcast, then watched news and drank coffee. Discovered that F had left his thermos behind. He’s been taking coffee to work lately so he has something to drink and so he doesn’t have to leave his desk. I usually set up the coffee the night before so in the morning he just has to push the button on the coffee pot.

I had a long and quiet day at home. I watched Synecdoche, New York which I had taped last night. It was odd, but fun. I also watched Ugly Betty from last night. I made my lunch and watched Cold Case, then left for work. I wanted to leave before it got dark as I planned to do a bit of snow shovelling.

I made a detour into the drug store for some health supplements and snacks, then got to my school and had a huge surprise. There was a Caterpillar cleaning up the snow in the parking lot. Score! The apartment company must have decided to clear some of the snow out, and about blooming time too! Ironically, my parking place wasn’t cleared out well for a couple of reasons. There was a car in the spot next to mine, so the cat couldn’t do much and there wasn’t much snow there in the first place.

I went into the school and did some needed cleaning. I vacuumed and dusted. Yay me.

When I couldn’t hear the cat outside I took my shovel and cleaned up the last little bits in my parking space. I still have a wall of frozen snow at the back of the space so I tried to take some of it down. I did a bit, but some of it was still very frozen. I went back in after a few minutes.

I had one class this evening and it went well. We went over a newspaper article which was quite hard for the student. It was about Twitter and the British Government. I’m not sure if the student enjoyed it, but I think it was good for her!

After class I finished up and called F. We decided to go and have sushi since today is Setsubun and you’re supposed to eat sushi rolls today. We went to the pricier place that stays open late and had a bit of sushi. We didn’t have too much, but it was nice. The keiten part had finished for the night, so we had to order off the menu. No problem for F!

We came home via the grocery store. I had planned to cook tomorrow night, but F says he’ll be late, so I decided not to. I don’t want to start cooking at 9 pm, when he thinks he might be home.

We watched ER. It was good tonight. I’m going to be really sad when it finishes as I won’t have Thursday nights to look forward to anymore.

Anyway, that’s it for me. I am loving the weather and if we don’t get anymore snow, that would be fine by me! I do realise that it’s quite unlikely however!

Oh, of course, I have a few obligatory snow shots for you. The snow is melting a little, but there are still huge piles of it every where.



JY said...

Japan seems to be temporarily out from under the "ice" blanket system that has been hovering over us this past month. Supposedly feels like spring now... but we'll see.

Helen said...

Maybe, but I don't think we're out of the woods yet. It's a grey day up here and I think we're forecast to have snow. Sigh.

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