February 6, 2011

Sunday - Warm and sunny, now rainy.

An okay day.

We spent the night in a hotel and checked out this morning. We drove over to the airport for coffee and a light snack and then went to Bistro Des Points for a lovely lunch. When it came time for dessert, the waitress had put a sparkler in mine! It was a day late, but still nice of them to remember.

F and I came home and discovered that a parcel had arrived for me on Saturday. He hadn’t noticed as he had a little crisis! He got the car stuck again. It has a really low front end and with all the snow that we get it gets stuck quite easily. We ended up driving to the post office to get the parcel, then picking up some kerosene, before coming home again.

I opened the box and found a lot of lovely presents, including a cookbook, a couple of dvds and some coffee. It was from my best friend in Canada and is very much appreciated.

F went to get his hair cut and I stayed in and worked on my internet things. When he came back he looked okay. I’m glad that he’s not threatening to get his hair cut super short these days. I think he looks much better with hair that’s a little bit longer.

We went to Yamaya for a few groceries and then to “The Evil Place” for dinner. We found that it wasn’t that evil anymore! The quality of the meat had really improved, as had the labelling of said food. They made it easy to tell if the meat was beef, pork or lamb. I didn’t see much chicken so I couldn’t tell about it.

After dinner we hit our regular grocery store for a few things and then came home.

I noticed that Transporter 2 was on, so we watched the end of it. I have to get my Jason fix somehow. Then, I noticed that a show I like is on tonight at 3 am, so I got F to set the DVR for me. After that, we watched a couple of things on the DVR. F put on some awful “hidden video” show. I hate those things, so I asked if I could put on one of my new dvds for us to watch. I did, but realised part of the way though that F wasn’t watching it. He was playing with his cell phone as usual and looking bored.

I stopped the dvd which caused no end protests from him. He went off in a huff and even though I did apologise later the damage was done and the nice day we had was ruined. Sigh. I can be quite an idiot at times.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m off to City Hall to start renewing my Alien Registration Card. Not really looking forward to it as I may have to have a fight with whomever I see at the desk. Gah!

Got to go. Night!


JY said...

ick...good luck with city hall officials... anal retentive...ALL of them!

Helen said...

Thanks! I"m trying to decide if I can put it off or not...