February 8, 2011

Tuesday - Sunny but coolish.

An okay day. I woke up this morning and dragged myself out of bed. I didn’t really want to get up, but thought I’d better!

I had a quiet day around the apartment. I watched a little bit of TV, but not too much as there really wasn’t anything on. I didn’t do laundry, although I should have. Tomorrow, I hope.

After a yummy lunch which I call “Fake Okonomiyaki” I got ready for work and took off, with my bicycle! Natch! I couldn’t ride along our driveway, and there was a good stretch of sidewalk that was still far too deep in snow to ride on, but generally, I spent more time on my bike than off it. Yay for me.

I stopped into a drugstore and then went on to my school. Along the way I met a couple who were throwing snow from their garden into the street. It’s fine for cars, but us two wheelers aren’t safe riding over it. I gave them my best glower as I walked by.

At my school I went in quickly and turned on the heater. Since F did his Sleeping Beauty routine last night, I hadn’t been able to set the heater to warm the school up. Then, I grabbed my shovel and went outside again. I didn’t have to do anything you understand, I just really wanted to get all of the snow out of my parking space. Now it’s the only one in that part of the parking lot with no snow in it! There was a big pile of snow against the fence at the back of the space before.

I went inside, read a bit of the newspaper and got ready for work. When my student came we had a good lesson. It was supposed to be a role play about asking for travel advice, but turned into a tourism plug for Edmonton and Alberta in general!

After class I spent a bit of time working on Valentine’s Day cards and then called my hubby. He picked me up and we went to New York New York. Dinner was fine, it wasn’t a big deal really.

We came home and I watched American Idol and did some of
my crochet. I’m a tad worried that I’m off with my gauge as it seems far too small. I think I’m going to have to repeat the series a couple of extra times. I have the wool so it’s not a big deal, I’m just not sure it will really work.

Anyway, I think I’ll hit the hay soon. I’m quite tired and need to get some things done tomorrow. Catch you later? Night!

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