March 10, 2011

Thursday - Snowy in the morning, clear in the afternoon, very snowy at night.

An okay day. I got up this morning, had some very yummy coffee. We bought some hazelnut Hawaiian coffee last time we were out and it is nice. I love hazelnuts though.

Watched a documentary about vaccines and the controversy about them. It was quite interesting.

I hummed and hawed all day about how to get to work. I was supposed to get myself to work and back today as F had a party tonight. I saw the snow in the morning and thought I should walk, then it cleared off, so thought biking would be okay. No problem right?

I had a quiet day around the apartment. I again sat on the couch and used my computer. We may need a new couch, our one sinks too far at the back to use the computer at the coffee table. I don’t think we’re going to get a new one though! We both love this one too much.

When I set off for work I decided to ride my bike. The snow was mostly melted and I promised myself I’d leave the school early tonight. The trip was fine, and I didn’t have to walk much except on the sidewalks as they weren’t always clear.

Had a good lesson with my student. He really has improved a lot. He’s sometimes challenging, but these days he’s quite easy to teach. He left, and I started to get ready to do my paperwork.

I turned on my phone and got a message from F saying that he wasn’t going to his party and I should call him whenever I was ready. Huh? I had actually been looking forward to an evening on my own, so I wasn’t too pleased. I did my paperwork, prepped for my next lesson and then read some of the newspapers. I stayed at my school for quite a while and then finally called him at 8:30. He came to pick me up….and it was a good thing too. There was about 10 cm of snow and it was still falling fast. I wouldn’t have been able to ride home at that time.
Turns out that while he thought he was supposed to go to his party, he’d forgotten to RSVP it, so he couldn’t go! Silly man. He didn’t really want to go.

We went over to Fireball for dinner. It was really nice. We had 2 kinds of pasta, one was a clam chowder spaghetti, and the other was shrimp and mushrooms in a Japanese pesto sauce. Both were yummy. While we were there, the radio/stereo system was playing a lot of 80’s music. I was in heaven! They played a lot of my old favourites and a few that I haven’t heard in yonks. So much fun. There was 99 Luftballoons, Rock Me Amadeus, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, but when they played Shout by Tears for Fears I just had to dance. I was getting more from the drink bar and dancing around the place. It was empty by then, so the only person who was embarrassed was my lovely husband, but he’s kind of used to it by now!

We came home via the grocery store for tomorrow night’s dinner and some milk. We got the makings of dinner, pork and spinach, plus some ice plant. F said he’d make ginger pork. I discovered a small problem when we got home, no ginger, but we’ll just switch it to garlic pork as I do have garlic.

And that’s about it. It now looks like there’s a foot of snow, but really I’m not sure. We haven’t had this much snow for a month or so and I thought we were safely into spring, but I was wrong. So wrong.

Tomorrow I have no plans so will probably stay home and shovel snow out of our parking space. Bah. Anyway, that’s it for me. Night.

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JY said...

Will the winter ever end? It's supposed to be pretty nice this weekend. No snow here...just still pretty cold, so can't complain. I love flavored coffee. Am drinking french vanilla recently!