March 12, 2011

Saturday - Sunny and gorgeous…warm too.

An okay day under the circumstances.

When I wrote last night I didn’t have access to the internet, but after F came home we went out for dinner and it was working on our return. I’m was so glad as I had about 30 emails from friends worried about me.

I wrote a lot of email as I didn’t want any of my friends or family members to worry unnecessarily about me. It took a while. Thank goodness for Facebook! I could get a general “I’m okay” message out while sending email to people in Canada and Britain.

Went to bed last night very late as I couldn’t tear myself away from the TV. F wasn’t going to bed either. I would have been happy to turn off the sound, but he wanted to listen.

This morning I got up fairly early, showered, got a call from AFWJ checking on me, and then had breakfast. I’ve been eating instant oatmeal with a couple of dollops of plain yogurt on top. Yum.

Brushed my teeth thoroughly and then headed out to the dentist. We weren’t there very long today. Hurray for that. I got the top line of teeth cleaned today. I like this new dentist…she speaks a bit of English and her offices are actually private.

When I finished we came home and got a phone call from the dentist’s office saying that I’d left my insurance card there. Yikes. When we went out at brunch time we stopped in and picked it up.

Had an okay brunch in Gusto and then went to my school. F and I had done a lot of snow shovelling last night and it really paid off. There wasn’t much to do today.

After work tonight F picked me up and we came home. He cooked the dinner that he was supposed to cook last night, but was too tired for. It was good. We had garlic pork ( I had marinated it since yesterday, so it was good and garlicky) and sauteed spinach. It was good, but something was missing. I did the dishes and then settled in behind my computer.

After I bit I suggested going out and getting more food. I was hungry and wanted something else. We went to the grocery store and I was quite surprised. The shelves were empty! There was no bread at all, no milk, no meat (there were 3 lamb chops…but still full price) and the fish supply was lacking. The frozen food was still there so I got us a couple of “ebi gratins” and then we came home and cooked them.

F insisted on watching more of the so-called coverage. They’ve been broadcasting non-stop since the earthquake and seem to forget that there are other countries out there with problems too. If it was all new footage I would be more understanding but they show the same scenes over and over again and it’s so upsetting that I don’t want to watch it any more.

He got all huffy when I suggested that he wear headphones. Honestly, it’s all in Japanese, and every now and then he’ll say a word or two in English and I’m supposed to understand what he’s on about.

Anyway he went off for a while, but he’s back now. Watching the earthquake before my English comedy comes on.

Have no idea what we’ll do tomorrow. They’re asking people not to use a lot of gas and also not to use a lot of electricity if possible. As far as I know, we’ll be here tomorrow! Talk to you then. Goodnight.


JY said...

Seems like that's all that's on TV now. Tried to watch CNN and BBC yesterday and they were all covering the quake as well....

Helen said...

I know! I listened to a CBC podcast of the news and 80% of it was about the quake, so I think I'm in the wrong here, but its not new stuff. I would rather find out about rescue efforts or what we can do.

I could rant a bit, but it probably isn't right for me to do so.

Thanks for commenting though!