March 13, 2011

Sunday - Sunny and warmish.

The pictures continue to play on the TV all day and night. Thankfully the announcers and stations seem to be concentrating more on what’s going to happen, rather than what has happened.

I went to bed very late last night. I stayed up and watched some British comedies that were on WOWOW. I slept late today, although there was an earthquake alarm at 8:30.

F and I went out for lunch and I suggested going to a soba place. I know, I know, I spend all that time trying to get him to NOT eat noodles, and then where do I take him? It was good though. We had soba and tempura and also some fried chicken and some interesting tofu croquettes.

We came home via a drugstore. Some of the shelves were empty there too. There was no toilet paper at all! We are well stocked though, so as long as supplies get through in the next few weeks we should be okay.

At home I was on my computer for a while and then F took a nap. I realised that I was sleepy too, so I took one as well. He got up after a while and I slept on. I woke up 3 hours later. Yikes.

We went out to dinner. It was strange seeing so many shops closed. I’m not sure why they were to be honest. A lot of them were 24 hour places like the gyudon shops, Gusto, and even the gas station. Well, that one I do understand. Many gas stations are lined up for blocks during opening hours. I am not letting F drive to far off places this weekend. I want to stay fairly close to home anyway.

They are still showing earthquake stuff non-stop on TV. I’m afraid I ignore a lot of it as it is in Japanese. The scenes are heartbreaking though.

Anyway, still safe and sound here. I have heard that there may be power outages over the next few days so posting could become erratic.

I should go. Not much to talk about. Night!