March 16, 2011

Wednesday - Cold and very snowy and windy.

A nice day for me.

I woke up this morning because F woke me up. On purpose. He remembered me telling him I was going to get up early to do something, only he got the day wrong. Silly man! I did manage to go back to sleep.

When I finally got up I stayed up. I tried to watch the ABC news, but it wasn’t on. There was a rebroadcast in English of the Earthquake. I watched and listened for a while, but turned it off. I couldn’t handle it.

I watched a bit of taped TV, including Celebrity Apprentice. I have to say I don’t like Melissa Rivers at all. Her mother isn’t much better.

I received a Facebook message around 11 from one of my students asking me if I’d like to go and have lunch. I had no plans at all, so thought that was a great idea. I emailed her back and we set something up.

At 1:00 she picked me up, with another lady that I used to teach and we went to Grado for lunch. We all had a good time. We were all quite mindful of the events on the other half of Tohoku, but we all needed a break from the stress of worrying. Afterwards, they drove me back home.

I vegged for a little and then got ready go out again. I made a quick trip to the post office and sent off a card and a bookmooch. Hopefully they’ll get there reasonably fast.

I came home again and watched more TV and spent time on my computer until F came home.

We had planned to go to Niigata this weekend, but F had discovered he couldn’t get enough gas after all. However, we discovered that the trains are running and we got tickets to go to Niigata by train on Saturday. Hurray for that. We’ll be able to meet my friend after all.

We had dinner in a yakiniku place. It was good, but we couldn’t have the drink bar as they had run out of drinks and the refills come via Sendai. Sigh. I hope that the distribution of goods gets fixed soon. Of course, not just so I can have drink bar, but because of the humanitarian need. The business point of view is in there too. Sendai is such a huge distribution point in Tohoku. It is the largest city up here and so many things rely on it.

We came home via the school and the grocery store, then settled in for the night at home. We relaxed and watched American Idol…well, F fell asleep for a bit and then took his bath. I’m really glad that he went to bed early. He’s been staying up late watching the earthquake and tsunami scenes. He has a “blog buddy” from one of the very hard hit towns in Miyagi prefecture who has been looking for her family. She was in Sendai at the time of the earthquake, called her family and talked to her grandmother as the tsunami was approaching her family’s house, and then nothing. I think F was ready to go and help search for her family. The news today was very good. Everyone is okay. I think his friend made the news of the quake more real to him.

Anyway, I’m off. Originally the power was supposed to be off tomorrow morning for 3 hours, but F says that it has been cancelled. I hope so, but I’m afraid I’m not entirely convinced. I have done a couple of things like unplug the stereo that hasn’t been used for months and a lamp, tomorrow I’ll maybe see if there’s more I can do to help the electric situation. In the meantime, I’m going to go to bed. And sleep I hope. Night.

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