March 21, 2011

Monday - Cloudy with a bit of rain.

If I tell you that my weekend started well and ended rather badly it would be sad, but somewhat accurate.

On Saturday we took a train to Niigata, had lunch and then checked into our hotel. We had a rest and then went to meet up with my friend and her husband. The four of us went to an izakaya and then another izakaya before we called it a night. It was a lot of fun and good to get out and let our hair down. For my friend and I it was a chance to get out with another “international” couple. We had a great time really and ate a lot of good food.

On Sunday, F was a bit tired and draggy, as was I, so after we checked out, we had lunch at the hotel and then went shopping. I managed to get most of the things I wanted to for my best friend in Canada. I went mostly practical this time I think. Hopefully she’ll like everything.

We checked into our second hotel early and took a nap. F slept for a bit, I read my book.

We went out for dinner, but F only wanted the usual and I didn’t of course. He went to a Chinese restaurant where he ordered a few dishes and then expected me to eat them. Since I had no interest in the things he ordered I refused, which didn’t please him. I had ordered one thing, some fried chicken but it was terribly salty. I noticed on someone’s plate that the food was really greasy, so I just didn’t want any. F wasn’t pleased. After his meal, we finally managed to find Subway, where I had a fabulous roast chicken sandwich on honey oat bread. It was amazing.

We went back to the hotel fairly early with a few munchies and some beer for him and tea for me.

I read my book and then when I finished it I switched to crochet. I got a start on my new project. It’s a shawl that I’m making.

This morning we woke up around 8, but only because I had set my alarm. We showered and then checked out, leaving our bags in the hotel.

We had a quick breakfast in a bakery cafe and then went to a bookstore. I got a magazine and a book. I shouldn’t have got the book, but it was a Dick Francis novel, so you’ll have to humour me.

After the bookstore, I’m afraid that things went pear-shaped. I asked where F would like to go for lunch. He didn’t know. What kind of food would he like to have. Ramen. (Not bloody likely). What else? “I can eat anything.” (Is that a good thing?) It went on and on and on. I would suggest a place and he would either shoot it down or just say no. We went to the Silver Hotel to see their lunch special. Too expensive. I had enough at this point, so said I didn’t care what he wanted, I was going to please myself. We went to a place in Isetan and after about 20 minutes were given a table.

He took out his cellphone and tapped away on it, ignoring me completely. I got my new magazine out and read it, ignoring him completely.

After the meal we got really mad at each other and he said he was going to leave me for now. I said it was a good thing. I wanted to go and check the movie schedule and then see if there was anything interesting in another mall. He thought that was a good idea and was going to come with me, but I told him I didn’t want him along. He walked off down the escalator, I walked off towards the over-the-street walkway. I didn’t see him again for hours.

There weren’t any films playing that I had to see. There was one that would have been fun, but I was more than an hour late for it and the second show was when I was supposed to leave. No good.

I did a little bit of window shopping, but not a lot of buying. I spent some time in a coffee shop and yes, I did phone him, and even sent a text, but of course I didn’t get an answer.

I spent about 3 hours by myself. I liked being alone, but I’d rather have parted on better terms. I was taking a stroll through the train station when I bumped into F. We were glad to see each other, but too proud to admit it. We went and had a drink, then got our suitcases and got on the train.

We had a quiet ride back on the train. I did a lot of my crochet, F tapped away on his cellphone.

I don’t know. I think it’s the height of rudeness to text people during meals with other people, F is fine with it. I rarely do it. When I got married, I vowed that I wouldn’t read a book during my meals with my DH because it’s rude. I only did it today because I was tired of being ignored.

Back in Tsuruoka, we took a cab home and then a lot later went out for dinner. When we came home again, my sister called from Canada. It was nice to talk to her. The telephone company is offering low cost calls to Japan this month or something.

That’s about it. F was up late watching A Perfect World and now I’m blogging. Tomorrow I’m back to work. Night!

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