March 22, 2011

Tuesday - Cloudy and then rainy with some snow at night.

An okay day. F went out early to try and get some gasoline. He was able to get 20 litres, but wasn’t able to find kerosene. I hope we can get some soon. We still have a bit, but his mother needs some fairly soon. It’s too bad he didn’t fill up our tanks when I first suggested it.

I got up, showered and then spent a bit of time on my computer until F came home. We had an okay lunch at Cocos. They were open again, but have a much curtailed menu. Still managed to get something I liked though, so no problems there.

We went to the electronic shop and picked up some printer ink. The fax needed some and so did F’s printer. The fax was more important to me as a student had faxed me last night but because we were low on ink, her fax didn’t print out.

F went to the doctor and on the hunt for kerosene, but came home in lots of time to drive me to work. That was a nice treat. I got to the school early and started working. I vacuumed thoroughly and did a good dusting too.

My first student was late, so I called her. She called back to say she was on her way, and she was. She arrived in 5 minutes and we had a good class. We should be able to finish the text’s page next time.

The second student and I had a bit of a chat. She missed last week’s classes. We did a little bit of work at the end and made plans for next week’s class.

After school, I finished up and then called F by 8:40. Quite early for me. He picked me up and we had a good dinner in Jiro. We were the last customers there. Also, they’ve gone non-smoking, which is something that I’m very happy about. F tried a new dish for us, it was a curry-gratin pilaff. Not bad at all really.

We came home and tried to set up F’s printer to work wirelessly from his computer. Argh! So annoying! Trying to work in two languages, well, three if you consider Computereze as a new language, is terribly difficult. Add in one guy who knows nothing about computers and yikes. I downloaded a driver for him, but now we have to get some password or code and neither of us know what we need!

Anyway, we watched American Idol tonight while we were playing around with the printer. It was good as it was the top 3. However, from before I came home, to about 1 am, there was a loud beeping coming from the apartment upstairs. It was so annoying. It was exactly like someone had set a digital timer and then forgotten to turn it off. It went off once, but then came back on by itself. I was all for marching upstairs and banging on the door, or calling a “Super” but F didn’t think it was done. Finally it did stop, but how annoying.

That’s about it for me. I’m tired and I need all the beauty sleep I can get. Talk to you tomorrow night? Later!


JY said...

We gave yet to have the limits on petrol here...that must be tough. As far as I know, there's still kerosene here as well. I have often wondered why the grids east and west have different wattage ratios. Makes it hard to help out when we're on the other side....

Helen said...

It's still really cold up here so we need our kerosene. It snowed last night, for heaven's sake! This little city is very spread out so we can't get everywhere that we want to go unless we go by car. The buses aren't great, so we really need cars! I ride my bicycle a lot, but that gets cold at night.

We haven't had any power cuts yet, but I'm not sure if that will change.

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