March 26, 2011

Saturday - Cloudy with snow at night.

Had an okay day today. F didn’t go to the doctor, he ended up visiting his mother instead as the doc was busy. Probably just as well. We got our delivery of kerosene which was a good thing. We had a little bit, but I was going to start rationing it soon.

We watched Grey’s Anatomy before going off to have brunch. Today, we tried Marumatsu and it was okay. It was a bit greasy, but otherwise fine. F dropped me off at my school and then came back in a few minutes with my lunch. I had left it at home of course.

I had a good day of teaching. My first and last students came, but my middle one didn’t. That meant I had some extra time for reading. I finally finished one of my movie magazines, and read two newspapers. I didn’t get started on my book, but it’s okay. I really have to start it soon.

I ate my lunch in the middle of my teaching day and it was nice to have something. I had fettucine carbonara with a side salad. Yummy. I love leftovers!

After my work, I did paperwork and then cleaned up a bit. There wasn’t that much to do tonight. I called F, he picked me up and we went out for yakiniku. We went to a place near my first apartment in Tsuruoka, Ringo. It wasn’t bad. Not as great as our favourite place, but quite nice. The waiters were fine and the place was clean and modern inside.

We came home after eating and around midnight I made some hot chocolate and watched Nurse Jackie. Usually I tape it, but Top Gear wasn’t on tonight. Sob. Later on I watched Heroes so I got to see a couple of things that I wanted to tonight.Yay. If I didn’t ask to change the station, F would watch infomercials all night. He’s endlessly fascinated with them.

Our night is winding down now and I think we’re both thinking about catching some zzzzzzs. I’m quite tired and am yawning away.

Tomorrow, I’m not sure what we’re going to do. We might go suit-hunting for F as we have a wedding to go to next month and I’d like to book my tickets for a certain event in 2 months. Wish me luck with that!

Got to go! Night.

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