March 29, 2011

Tuesday - Sunny and warmish. Hurray.

A good day. I got up and it wasn’t that late for a change. Yay for me.

I had a quiet morning and afternoon. I’d watched all the TV I had taped already so I had nothing much to do. I did start my next Stieg Larsson novel though. Not very much read, just enough to get excited by it.

I had a good lunch except I almost overcooked it. Sigh. Not cool. I made an omelette with cheese slices and a sausage crumbled up inside. It was nice.

Work went well today. Both students came and we did some real studying today too. Yay.

After classes I had a lot of paperwork and filing to do for a change so I was a bit late finishing. I called F and he picked me up.

We had a cheap and cheerful dinner in New York, New York, then bought a few groceries. I couldn’t get the right kind of chicken for a dish I was planning to make, so I changed the meal and got some cubic steak. I quite like it and lately I’ve changed how I cook it and it is quite a bit better my way!

We came home and after I spent a few minutes at my computer I joined F on the couch for the American Idol finale. The last time it was on, F went to bed, so it was his first time watching it. I worked on my crochet and finished the first ball of wool. Woot. It’s looking quite good so far. I really should post pictures, here and on Ravelry.

After AI, I found Enigma, an old Kate Winslet/Dougray Scott film about code breaking during the second world war. It’s a veritable who’s who of British actors, so even though I’d seen it before I was happy to watch it again. Kate Winslet is so good in it. She plays the plain girl and she really does look plain. She doesn’t look like a pretty girl pretending! It’s a good film.

I was shocked to look at the clock and see how late it really is, so I’ll end this here. Tomorrow I’m off work, have a few errands to run. Talk to you on the morrow. Night!


Callie said...

Very nice design and color you have picked out for your blog! Glad to read that things are improving a bit. I prefer "boring" in my life. The "same old," on the whole in my experience, is a much better deal than the new and exciting. Enjoy your book.

Helen said...

Thank you! I meant to change it on Sunday for my anniversary, but I forgot. I'm not sure if this one will stay like this or not, but it might stick for a bit.

Thanks for your comments too. I agree with you about the same old, especially right now in Japan! Many of us would love to go back to the old way. Hopefully we'll stop having exciting times soon!