March 30, 2011

Wednesday - Sunny and warm, sprinkle of rain in the morning.

A pretty good day today. I got up mostly on time and decided that since the weather was decent, I was going to go to the theatre and see a movie. I was up, dressed and out of the apartment before quarter to ten, so was rather proud of myself.

I bicycled to the new theatre in Tsuruoka and went to see The Tourist. I made good time and arrived early enough that I could get some popcorn and a pretzel for breakfast! The movie was okay. I wouldn’t say it was great. There were some good scenes, but I didn’t like the ending of the movie. It rather spoiled all the good will I had towards the movie. Sigh.

After the film, I biked over to the mall. I parked my bike and went in. I debated going for lunch in the hotel’s restaurant, but finally decided not to do that. I hacked around the 100 yen shop and bumped into an ex-student of mine. He’s all grown up and now teaching English himself. Wow!

I had a lovely Royal Milk Tea and a sandwich in Doutors, while I read my latest book, The Girl Who Played With Fire. It is very gripping and I managed to really get into it today.

I came home and messed around on my computer for a bit and then went out again. This was a short trip, just to the post office. I had received a Book Mooch from Singapore, so I sent the book off today.

When I got home I started working on dinner. I got most things ready to go and then when F came home I could just cook. Dinner was okay and F liked it. Hurray for that. I did too! Over dinner he actually asked what I did today and I told him about the movie. He wasn’t too pleased that I’d gone to see it without him, but I’d been trying to get him to go this weekend and he didn’t feel well enough to go. Sigh. Don’t know if I should have told him or not. Probably best that I did though.

We went over to my school tonight to set the heater. I hope to stop doing that soon. I also suggested going to McDonalds for an ice cream! We did and had a chocolate sundae each. It was quite nice really.

We came home and watched some of the Sandra Bullock movie on TV, some of Damages, and then after midnight I watched Moon, which was an old fashioned science fiction movie. It was good, except that as always, F came back from his bath at the end and made so much noise that I couldn’t hear the dialogue. My hearing is going and he is The Noisiest Man Alive™!

That’s it for me. Tomorrow I have an evening class, and a few things that I need to do. Come back again to see what happens. Night.


JY said...

Hubs said "The Tourist" wasnt very good either... he fell asleep thru it. :) I took daughter to see "narnia" in 3D yesterday. Wasn't bad, better than Harry Potter, for me I guess. But it was all dubbed in Japanese... but the conversatin content wasn't that hard. yay me!

Helen said...

I liked Narnia a lot, except they messed up the book to make it more dramatic. I saw it in Sendai in 3D and in English 2 weeks before the earthquake. Good for you seeing in Japanese. I usually don't bother if it's dubbed, I just think I'll wait for the DVD. (But better than Harry Potter??? )

The Tourist just wasn't as good as it should have been. Johnny Depp was a bit too laid back for his part....Angelina was good though. They didn't have a lot of chemistry either. I can understand your hub falling asleep in it! My hub probably would have too.

Thanks for visiting :-)