March 6, 2011

Sunday - Cold and rainy, clearing later on

Today was good. I went to bed really late, and slept in really late. Recently I’ve been setting my alarm for my Sunday sleep in but I didn’t today. I felt that I really deserved a longer lie-in, since I didn’t get one last weekend.

When I did get up and we both got our act in gear, we went to New York, New York for a quick and decent lunch, then over to K’s Denki for some batteries. Me for my mouse, F for a battery for our door’s keypad. It’s one of those keyless entry systems, and I’ve been bugging him for the past 2 years to replace the battery. It’s been laggy for a while.

We came home and worked on getting our computers set up to a wireless network. Last year F bought a new laptop and we haven’t gotten around to setting it up. We tried a little, but it didn’t work. Today, I read some of the manual, tried to do what it said, and lo and behold….it worked! I can now move my computer around the room if I want to, I don’t have to stay in my little corner. It’s mainly depends on how long my battery lasts. Woo hoo!

After we did all that, we were getting hungry again. I thought we deserved a treat, so I checked local movie times and asked about going to see Kick Ass. It started in a bit over an hour, so we had time to go and eat first.

We went to Coco Curry Ichibancho and had a pretty good meal. We each tried a different dish and they were new ones at that too. F had a curry dish with pieces of pork and lots of green onions, I had a soup curry. I liked mine, even though it was a little spicier than I usually have it.

We made it over to the theatre in good time and went to see our movie. There were only 3 people in the whole theatre. The two of us obviously and a man who came in just before the movie started. Tonight we also tried the theatre’s pretzels and they were nice. They were soft, but quite chewy.

I liked Kick Ass, but also understood why Roger Ebert didn’t like it. One of the characters is a little girl of 11 and she kills people without compunction. I just read that a sequel has been ordered so we’ll see what happens with that one.

We went to the grocery store, came home and a little later on I watched the last half of Veronica Mars. I’d forgotten to check the schedule. Darn.

And that’s about it. F is back to work tomorrow, but he’s stayed up rather late so I hope he’s okay. I’m hoping to go out somewhere if the weather is okay. It’s hard going out when it could still turn into snow so easily. Staying home sounds good, but our heater is malfunctioning and turns itself off every few minutes so it gets darn cold.

Got to go. Night!

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