March 8, 2011

Tuesday - Clear in the daytime, snowy at night.

Today was okay. I made the decision this morning to just stay in bed and sleep a little longer so I didn’t have an early morning. Sigh. Shouldn’t do that.

Watched a lot of Criminal Minds as WOWOW was showing all the episodes so far this season in a row. It’s a good show, but it’s so dark. After they finished showing about 3 episodes in a row I showered and then watched some of the weekend TV. It was mindless and fun.

I finished up the stew for lunch today and had half of an avocado on toast. So good! I left for work a little late, but still early enough. I spent a few minutes touring the drugstore and then hit up my school. It was nice and warm so I did a few necessary things and then read some of the newspapers.

My class was fine and then I called F after I had done paperwork and more reading. He came to get me and I was surprised to see it was still snowing outside.

At home, I made dinner. I just did a pork stirfry, but this time I made a thin egg crepe to go on the top. F’s was quite big as most of the egg splooshed into the frypan. I managed to get it to stay in one big piece too. Mine was tiny but it was okay. F said that it kept the heat inside the stirfry.

He did the dishes and then we settled in to watch American Idol. It was a twofer tonight and the guest star was Shania Twain. Just like the first time I watched this, I was amazed that no-one even mentioned that she’s Canadian!

F went to bed, and I think I’ll head there soon. It’s quite cold as our stupid heater just switched itself off. Bah!



JY said...

Yep. Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Michael J Fox... some of Canada's best gifts to Hollywood!

Helen said...

I'll grant you Shania Twain and Michael J. Fox, but I have to apologize for Celine Dion. Can't stand her!

But...other Canadians....John Candy, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling...

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