March 9, 2011

Wednesday - Cold and rainy, then cold and snowy.

An okay, yet odd day!

I got up this morning and watched a bit of TV, also watched last night’s Celebrity Apprentice. Some of the people on the show are so annoying, but personally, the one person that bugs me the most is Donald Trump himself. He’s alternately fawning and then hypercritical. I just don’t like him.

I was sitting on the couch with my computer (yay! It’s going to take a bit until that gets old.) when the room started shaking. I was torn between grabbing my passport and purse and heading for the door and staying put. I stayed and watched as NHK started showing the different numbers of magnitude of the earthquake. We were only a level 3 here, but it lasted for a couple of minutes I think. Nothing got damaged here but I was a little nervous.

F phoned a few minutes later to check on me. He works on the 4th floor of a building so probably had more shaking than I did.

In the afternoon, I really had planned to go to the mall, but every time I looked out the window it was raining and then it turned to snow. Yikes. It got quite heavy by the time F came home.

In the afternoon I ate the last bit of my avocado. Damn it was good! I’d gotten one from the MaxValu last week, my local grocery sells theirs already ripe and they’re too soft to buy. I managed to eat it at the perfect ripeness too.

Around 3:30 I gave up on the idea of going out. It was starting to snow and I just didn’t have the need to go to the mall. Staying home is cheaper anyway!

F got home around 7. He’d been caught in a traffic jam and took a little longer to come home. He brought some fish home. His co-worker had given him some hata-hata. F wanted to cook them right away, I wanted to go out for dinner. We had nothing to go with the fish, and I personally wasn’t in the mood for fish tonight. If he’d said something on the way home I could have gotten into the mood or found something we could have with the fish, but he didn’t.

When I said I didn’t want any tonight he got mad, put the fish in the fridge and then went to bed and closed the door. Whatever!

After a few minutes I went in to jolly him up and said that since he was going to be away tomorrow night (goodbye party for retiring co-workers) I had really been looking forward to having a nice dinner out with him tonight. Tomorrow evening I’m on my own for a bit. It worked and so he got dressed and we went out.

He was low on gas, so we filled up first, then hit my school to set the heater. With all the snow we got today I’m going to need a preheated classroom. After that, we drove over to Cafe Frambois for dinner. I wasn’t sure that they were still open, but they were. We had a nice meal there. I had minute steak and F had the Japanese set meal, which had some steak in it too. We followed with coffee and dessert. It was quite nice.

We bought a few groceries, but not at our usual grocery store. I talked F into going to the one near the station. It belongs to the same group as ours, but they have a much better selection of some things. Just walking down the pasta aisle we saw many more types of pasta and sauces than our local. They even had lasagna kits! We got a few things and then came home.

F was still hungry, so he cooked his fish, then ate it. He also had a couple of beers so he fell asleep on American Idol. I had some yakitori that we’d bought.

He finally went to bed after a long nap on the couch, I’m still up. Obviously.

Tomorrow I have a class at the school and I have to get myself dinner and then home. I think it’ll be okay, but I’m a tad nervous about all of this darn snow. I hope it burns off, and that we don’t get anymore earthquakes either. Mother Nature needs to behave herself a bit better!


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