April 2, 2011

Saturday - Sunny, but windy at night.

An okay day. I first woke up this morning when F’s alarm went off. He was already up, I was still sleeping. I wasn’t best pleased.

I got up for real later and then had a shower and got dressed. Hub came back from the doctor and we watched Grey’s Anatomy. No-one in that really does any work. It’s crazy.

We left for brunch later than I’d like because F had to empty out his wallet. I’m not sure why he picked that particular time, but he did.

Brunch was fine. I had the burger with cheese and tomato again. F had the lunch special. After he dropped me off at my school today and I got to work.

I only had two classes today, as the last one cancelled suddenly. Still, both students came and worked very hard. I was quite proud of them.

After I finished I called F and he picked me up. We had dinner at Kintaro Sushi. It was okay, but not great.

We came home afterwards, had a quiet evening for a while. I noticed that 90210 was on, so I wanted to watch it. I’ve been following it for a while. It’s not great, but it’s in English and it’s not earthquake related. F started to ask me a bunch of stupid questions and didn’t like my answers so he got mad at me and left the apartment. He went shopping.

He came back with lots of noodles and beer. Nothing for me of course. We didn’t talk for ages. He turned the TV back on later, and watched something. I didn’t watch, I listened to a podcast on my computer and then later he did put something on for me. Heroes was on. I had forgotten.

So that’s about it for my day. Things aren’t too bad now. I’m a tad hungry, so I’m thinking about having a late night snack. I know it’s not a great idea, but… talk to you tomorrow? Night.

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