April 3, 2011

Sunday - Cloudy and windy, cold, with snow flurries that didn’t stay. Whew!

I had an okay day today. It surprises me a little, but I really did. I slept in very, very late today. F woke me up finally by clipping his nails in the living room. There’s something about the sharp snapping sound that the clippers make that sends shivers down my spine. I really don’t like it.

Anyway, I was up. I got dressed and then went out with hubby for lunch. We went to Grado and had a nice meal. It was quite busy there. We usually go at night when it’s quiet, but lunch was hopping and cheaper.

After lunch we went for a drive down to Yamaya to pick up some foreign food. F wanted some cookies for his new co-workers, but they didn’t have what he wanted. To be honest, they didn’t have lot of what I wanted either. I hoped to pick up some more tortillas and some mayo, but the only tortillas they had were frozen. As we weren’t planning on going home right away, I passed. The no mayo was hard for me though. Did pick up some whole wheat spaghetti and some alfredo sauce that is to die for.

We got dog food for F’s dog at the hardware store and did a little more shopping around the area. F dropped me off at the Farmers market/Spa area and delivered the dog food. When he came back for me, I was amused to see that he went straight for the bagels rather than look for me. The man has his priorities right I think! We got a couple of bagels and had a couple of soft pretzels there. They were baked and warm on the outside, but the inside cream cheese was quite cold.

We went driving after this. F needed to check a few places for his work, so we drove out near the ocean. On the way back into Tsuruoka I had a hard time staying awake. We had to make a stop at a shoe store to get F a pair of indoor shoes for his new office. After that was done, he dropped me off at home.

F went to get his hair cut and I spent time on my computer. I warned him not to get a drastic hair cut, and happily he didn’t.

After a little while at home, it was time to have dinner. We had a bit of an argument over where to go, F wanted noodles and I of course, didn’t. We finally settled on yakiniku, so went out to the car and drove to the place. It was busy and we couldn’t get a table for more than 30 minutes. I said no, so we went elsewhere. F wanted noodles again, I grudgingly said okay. But then, he changed his mind and suggested Korean food. Yay! We drove to the restaurant he thought of and parked the car.

Just before he parked the car, I did a half turn in my seat to check if there were any cars behind us. I must have over-rotated or something because I got a horrible pain in my side. It brought tears to my eyes. I wasn’t sure what happened. I gave it a couple of minutes and gingerly got out of the car. I told F what happened and to do him credit, he offered to drive me to the hospital. I didn’t think that was really necessary. It did ease up a bit, so I probably just pulled a muscle or something, but oh my goodness. It doesn’t hurt as much now, but it is a little uncomfortable.

We had a delicious meal inside. We had a nabe done in a tagine, some chap chae, and a cheese chichime. Yum. We were quite happy when we left.

We went to the grocery store and bought a few things for tomorrow’s dinner and then came home.

We watched Total Recall on regular TV and then later on I watched Veronica Mars. F found a Liza Minnelli concert for me before he went to bed. I’m not a huge fan, but she does put on great show.

And that’s it for me. I should really get myself off to bed soon. It’s late and I hope to get a few things accomplished tomorrow. I haven’t done a few things like laundry lately, and I really need to get some done. I wonder if I’ll actually do it. Tune in tomorrow night and find out. Night.


Orchid64 said...

As I get older, I've found that all it takes to pull a muscle is one "wrong" move (even a relatively reasonable and innocuous one). Aging isn't great, but it does beat the alternative. ;-)

Take care!

Helen said...

True enough!

Thanks for visiting :-)

JY said...

I have that all the time... especially in my work. But not an excuse, I have had a bad back for AGES now....

Helen said...

My back is usually fine, but I don't know what I did last night. It was uncomfortable sleeping on it last night, and still feels a little off. I hope it'll recover soon.

Sorry to hear you have a "back" JY. My husband too. He had an operation two years ago and it helped for a time, but it's getting worse again. Sigh.

Thanks for writing today. :-)